Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Goss Harag Bile

How can hunters obtain this elusive material?

by Marc Magrini


One of the toughest challenges in Monster Hunter Rise is gathering materials. As players progress through the game, better materials are only obtained from the most powerful monsters. This is especially the case with strong foes like Goss Harag, as this particular monster has a special rare material. Hunters will have to get lucky if they wish to get Goss Harag Bile, one of the rarest items in the game.

Where to get Goss Harag Bile

This item can only be obtained in High Rank. Goss Harag Bile is similar to “gems” from other monsters, acting as the rarest material Goss Harag drops. Hunters will be able to check the drop rates for this material in the Hunter’s Notes. One Goss Harag Bile can be obtained from these sources:

  • Target Rewards – 3%
  • Capture Rewards – 5%
  • Broken Part (Back) – 8%
  • Carving – 2%
  • Dropped Materials – 1%

Based on these drop rates, the following strategy will yield the highest chance of receiving Goss Harag Bile:

  • Embark on a High Rank quest with Goss Harag as the target.
  • Break Goss Harag’s back during the fight.
  • Capture Goss Harag at the end of the quest.

You might need to repeat this strategy a few times, as the drop rates for Goss Harag Bile are still very low. It’s entirely possible that you won’t receive a single one through multiple quests. Just keep at it, and you’ll get your hands on that Bile eventually!

What is Goss Harag Bile Used For?

Goss Harag Bile, as the name implies, is used to craft weapons and armor made with other Goss Harag materials. Specifically, this material is relevant to these weapon types:

  • Great Sword
  • Sword & Shield
  • Hammer
  • Lance
  • Charge Blade
  • Insect Glaive
  • Light Bowgun

Additionally, the Goss Harag Mail S armor piece and the Mastery Jewel 2 decoration both require Goss Harag Bile. Thankfully, each item can be crafted with just a single Bile (except the Lance, which requires two). Hunters farming for better gear should also check out where to get Commendation Tickets, while new players might benefit from knowing how to get Great Izuchi Tails.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch and on PC. The PC version can be found exclusively on Steam, for a current price of $59.99 USD.

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