MW3 Zombies Bring Em On Guide: How to Get Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade

'Tis but a scratch.

by J.R. Waugh
MW3 Zombies Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade
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Frenzied Guard is a returning Field Upgrade ability appearing once again in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It is a great ability for helping players tank zombies for their squad. Here’s how you can get Frenzied Guard in MW3 Zombies!

How to Get the Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade in MW3 Zombies

You will unlock Frenzied Guard as a Field Upgrade once you reach Level 9 in MW3 Zombies. You can easily reach this level with some quick grinding on the map, such as by completing contracts with your team, looting supply caches, or racking up zombie kills.

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One of the best ways to grind XP in general in MWZ is to call in an exfil helicopter, drawing in endless hordes of zombies for you to mow down. As they commonly drop ammo and armor, you can keep this up indefinitely. There’s no shortage of ways you can get XP in the game, and if you’re not partial to this method, there are plenty of story missions you can complete!

How to Complete the Bring ‘Em On Mission in MWZ

Bring ‘Em On is a Tier 5 mission in MW3 Zombies with the following objectives:

  • Kill 50 Zombies with Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade active
  • Kill a Special or Elite enemy with Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade active
  • Acquire Cyphered Tablet

Note that you’ll need to have the Bring ‘Em On mission selected to get the Cyphered Tablets to drop. Killing 50 zombies with Frenzied Guard is self-explanatory, with Aether Nests or Infested Strongholds, even Raid Weapon Stash contracts being great methods. Or you can always call in an exfil like in the level-grinding method and activate the ability all the same.

Special or Elite enemies include mimics, disciples, or manglers. Keep in mind that if you fight these with Frenzied Guard active, and occasionally switch over to nearby weaker enemies, you’ll keep your armor replenished and make this objective a cakewalk. After you beat these zombies meeting the other objectives, they should drop the Cyphered Tablet.

- This article was updated on November 13th, 2023

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