MW3 Zombies Infiltrator Guide: Terminus Outcomes Record Location

Tablets so highly-guarded they get their own special name!

by J.R. Waugh
MW3 Zombies Where to Get Terminus Outcomes Record
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Sometimes you have to take the fight to Terminus Outcomes during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Dark Aether Saga. While the Infiltrator mission might look straightforward, players are left wondering where to find the Terminus Outcomes Record in MW3 Zombies, and we’re here to help!

Where to Find Terminus Outcomes Record in MW3 Zombies

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The Terminus Outcomes Record is a Cyphered Tablet that drops next to a Mercenary Stronghold safe once you’ve opened it in MW3 Zombies. You will need to complete the first 2 objectives in the Infiltrator mission before this item will drop, and it’s similar to the Hands Off mission you’ll encounter in the next tier.

How to Complete the Infiltrator Mission in MWZ

Infiltrator has 3 objectives and features Mercenary Stronghold locations as your main focus. The tasks are as follows:

  • Obtain a Stronghold Keycard
  • Clear a Terminus Outcomes Stronghold
  • Retrieve Terminus Outcomes Record from the Stronghold Safe

The Stronghold Keycard can be purchased for 2000 Essence at a threat level 1 Buy Station, but it’s arguably more fun and more rewarding to get one from a Mercenary Encampment. These are spread across the map and are often found near Mercenary Strongholds. Clear the enemies from this area, and in a Mercenary Cache often next to a workstation in these encampments, there’s always a Stronghold Keycard along with other common rewards like armor vests.

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Clearing a Terminus Outcomes Stronghold involves taking out all mercenaries inside. You’ll need your Stronghold Keycard to open these, so just walk up to the doors and hold ‘Square’ or ‘X’ to open the doors. Prepare for the enemy to be entrenched, and pay mind in particular to the riot shield and Shock Troop mercenaries, of which there seem to always be one each.

Scour each room until you find the Stronghold Safe, which you can open like in Raid Weapon Stash contracts. This will send in enemy reinforcements, so consider your best defensive setup, armor up, and lay lots of traps.

After this is complete, you will likely be notified that you cleared the stronghold, and when the safe is cracked, look on the left or right for the Cyphered Tablet. Why it’s not called the Terminus Outcomes Record is anybody’s guess, but picking this up immediately clears the last objective. If you die before completing a Stronghold, the tablet will appear next to the safe of the next one you clear!

- This article was updated on November 12th, 2023

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