My Hero Ultra Rumble Tier List: All Characters Ranked From Worst to Best

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by Franklin Bellone Borges
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My Hero Ultra Rumble adds its own spin to the battle royale format by allowing players to dive into the field as their favorite characters from Kohei Horikoshi’s acclaimed series. But contrary to what many may think, picking the right characters and assembling balanced teams is a must if you plan on raising the ranks in the game. For that, here’s a tier list featuring all the characters currently available in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

All My Hero Ultra Rumble Characters, Ranked

My Hero Ultra Rumble currently features a roster of 18 playable characters (14 Heroes and 4 Villains). They are then divided into five different categories (Assaut, Vanguard, Support, Technical, and Rapid) based on their roles and skill sets.

You can check out a tier list featuring all of the game’s playable characters below, as well as a more detailed look at each tier further down.

SAll Might / Ochako Uraraka / Momo Yoayorozu / Himiko Toga / Mt. Lady / Ibara Shiozaki / Katsuki Bakugo
AIzuku Midoriya / Tenya Iida / Shoto Todoroki / Eijiro Kirishima / Tsuyu Asui / Cementoss / Dabi / Denki Kaminari
BItsuka Kendo / Tomura Shigaraki
CMr. Compress

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All My Hero Ultra Rumble S-Tier Characters, Explained

In the S-Tier, we have characters who are capable of making your team go above and beyond by excelling no matter the opponent or scenario. Some of them, like All Might, can be seen as the game’s best in rush-in scenarios, while others like Momo Yoayorozu have their versatility as their biggest strength. You can check out a quick overview of all of the S-Tier characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble below:

All Might

True to his title as the world’s greatest hero, I consider All Might to be the game’s premier Assault pick, given his ability to deal massive damage from up close and how he is able to pressure targets efficiently from range. Apart from being able to carry fallen teammates, All Might can also perform massive jumps, which are a godsend when looking for flanking opportunities.

Ochako Uraraka (Uravity)

A great pick for any scenario, Uraraka is capable of dealing high AoE rush-in damage, as well as of both creating openings and dealing damage through the AoE effect of her Nebulous Space Skill. She is also able to traverse the map effortlessly by using her wires, which believe me, is a great plus.

Momo Yaoyorozu (Creati)

Momo is a versatile unit capable of protecting her party and getting away from dangerous situations efficiently, all while also having in her Create: Bullet Rain Skill one of the game’s most destructive moves in close quarters. But that’s not all, as she can also support through her Special Action, which can provide the party with healing and armor-restoring items.

Mt. Lady

Although her overall Skill list does not feature any highlights when compared to other Assault-type characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble, Mt. Lady can be considered one of the game’s best given her ability to obliterate the battlefield once in her Gigant form, which can be activated by using her Special Action, Gigantification. Once in her Gaint form, the size of all of Mt. Lady’s Quirk Skills will be massively enhanced. The uptime of Gigantification is dependent on the number of hits received while active.

Himiko Toga

One of the most dangerous characters in the game, Toga is capable of dealing massive damage at both close and mid-range by performing her Jagged Trowing Knife Skill, which allows her to continuously throw from 16 to 30 series of knives toward enemies. She is also able to excel at close range through the use of her Slasher Killer Knife Skill. As an extra, Toga is capable of taking the form of her targets and then using versions of their abilities after performing both her Special Action and her Blood Sucker Transform Quirk Skill.

Ibara Shiozaki (Vine)

Ibara can be considered one of the game’s best when in 1v1 scenarios, given her ability to effectively trap targets and deal massive mid/close-range damage. She also has one of the biggest HP pools in the game with 400. Vine can also be especially deadly in close quarters, as her Via Dolorosa Quirk Skill will allow her to sprout vines from walls.

Katsuki Bakugo (Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight)

The perfect example of the Strike class, Bakugo shines given his overly aggressive style and ability to excel in both close quarters and long range. He is also one of the game’s best in high-pressure scenarios, mainly thanks to his Howitzer Impact Quirk Skill.

All My Hero Ultra Rumble A-Tier Characters, Explained

In the A-Tier we have characters who, although capable of turning the battlefield upside down on their own, are only able to make as much of an impact as the S-tiers when under set team compositions. A clear example of that can be seen in Deku, who although one of the game’s best Vanguards, can be outclassed by All Might when faced with most matchups. You can check out a quick overview of all of the A-Tier characters in My Hero Ultra Rumble below:

Izuku Midoriya (Deku)

As the wielder of One For All, Deku is the staple character for the Vanguard class, given his ability to trap targets with Blackwip as well as deal a great deal of damage at mid-range. As an extra, using Blackwip toward structures while in the air will allow you to use the skill as a traversal.

Tenya Iida (Ingenium)

Iida is a great pick if you plan on overwhelming enemies through fast attacks and defeating them before they can even notice how it happened. He can also run up structures instead of climbing and is capable of carrying fallen comrades on his back. On the downside, Iida does not possess ranged abilities and becomes an easy target once the uptime of his Recipro Turbo Quirk Skill ends.

Tsuyu Asui (Froppy)

Froppy can be considered the game’s best when the subject is traversing the field. She also has in her Camofrog Quirk Skill —which allows her to turn invisible— a great tool for both embushing enemies and escaping from danger.

Shoto Todoroki (Shoto)

Shoto is a character who shines the most when attacking by the flanks, given his ability to trap enemies through the use of either his Quirk Skills or his Special Action. His high damage potential and versatility when in both close and mid-range also allow him to be both a safe pick and a threat no matter the matchup.

Eijiro Kirishima (Red Riot)

A tank trough and trough, Kirishima is a character whose whole kit is focused on increasing his ability to rush in and deal massive damage. He is especially deadly when paired with characters who can trap enemies close to walls and allow his attacks to deal 100% damage. Like Iida, he is not capable of performing long-range attacks but his ability to increase his survivability more than makes up for it.


Cementoss is a great overall support who is capable of creating blockades effectively as well as of reviving squad members while keeping them away from harm. As increasing the level of his Quirk Skills will increase the size of his structures, he can be unstoppable during the late-game stages.

Dabi (True Name Redacted to Avoid Spoiling)

True to his title as the Ultimate Glass Canon, Dabi is a character capable of dealing massive damage at long/mid-range. He is also capable of protecting teammates from projectiles and controlling the field efficiently. Given the large AoE of his Skills and his ability to deal massive damage before his demise, Dabi can be especially deadly in close quarters.

Denki Kaminari (Chargebolt)

Although he has his lack of ranged focus (when compared to other Strike-type characters) as his biggest weakness, Kaminari is capable of keeping all enemies on their toes through his ability to deal massive AoE damage and shock targets. He also excels given his ability to chaim projectiles in order to keep targets locked in and set up traps.

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All B-Tier Characters, Explained

In the B-Tier, we have characters who although able to work well on the field, are way more situational when compared to the ones above. You can check out a quick overview of all of the B-Tier characters below:

Itsuka Kendo (Battle Fist)

Kendo is a character whose biggest strength lies in her ability to protect teammates from ranged attacks —courtesy of her Big First Shield Skill— while still being able to deal good damage at both close and mid-range. Truly, we can’t think of many characters who are able to rival her in terms of efficiency when on the field.

Tomura Shigaraki

Shigaraki is able to excel in both long and short-range scenarios through his sheer damage and the speed of his ranged attacks. He is also capable of applying debuffs to those affected by his Special Action, Collapsing Hand, although landing the action mid-battle may prove to be a battle of its own.

All C-Tier Characters, Explained

In the C-tier, we have characters who are either not able to excel in any kind of team competition or whose kits lack the ability to make an impact. You can check out a quick overview of all of the C-Tier characters on My Hero Ultra Rumble below:

Mr. Compress

As a defensive support, Mr. Compress has in his ability to snatch allies in order to heal them, as well as his ability to shield himself from projectiles his biggest strengths. Unfortunately, given his support-focused kit, it’s hard to put on a show with him.

This list was made while playing My Hero Ultra Rumble on PC.

- This article was updated on October 4th, 2023

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