Naraka Bladepoint Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

Check out an up to date tier list featuring all Naraka Bladepoint characters!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: 24 Entertainment, assembled by Attack of the Fanboy

Naraka Bladepoint allows players to take on the field as a wide array of characters/heroes, each able to make use of an exclusive set of abilities. But as you might expect, some heroes do set themselves apart through their ability to either excel as team supports or truly paint the battlefield red as a damage-focused unit. With that said, here’s a tier list featuring all the seventeen characters currently available in Naraka Bladepoint.

Naraka Bladepoint Hero Tier List

We decided to assemble our list while taking into account both the character’s overall performance as well as their ability to excel in set scenarios. Many of the game’s characters will only be able to showcase their full potential after you unlock set Skill and Ultimate variants.

In Naraka Bladepoint, skill and mastery of your character comes first. Even though a character is featured in a certain tier, it doesn’t mean can’t excel.

You can check out our full Naraka Bladepoint tier list below. You can also check out an overview of each tier, as well as that of the characters featured as part of them, further down.

S+ Yoto Hime, Zai, Tarka Ji, Ziping Lin, Viper Ning
SMatari, Feria Shen, Akos Hu, Yueshan, Tessa, Valda Cui, Tianhai
A Justina Gu, Wuchen, Takeda Nobutaga
BTemulch, Kurumi

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All Naraka Bladepoint S+ Characters

The game’s overall best, in the S+Tier we have characters capable of shaking the game no matter the mode or matchup, given their abilities to either deal massive damage, counter targets/adapt, and support effortlessly. You can check out an overview of each of the game’s S+Tiers, as well as why they excel below:

Yoto Hime

Image: 24 Entertainment

The game’s best overall DPS, Yoto Hime excels given her ability to absolutely demolish all characters in 1v1 scenarios as well as in some cases bring entire squads down in a single swoop through the use of her Ultimate.

With that said, by picking the right skill variants, she is also capable of either creating the perfect build-up for her Ultimate while also dealing AoE damage and pursuing, or of shielding herself from melee attacks effectively while dealing high damage.


Image: 24 Entertainment

Zai earns her spot on our list given her ability to create optimal situations, escape from danger, and pursue targets. With that said, Zai’s biggest strength lies in her ability to perform lengthily and in some cases sure kill combos after performing her Ultimate and thus shifting her weapon of choice to her Chain Scythe.

Tarka Ji

Image: 24 Entertainment

Considered by many as a perfect unit when on the field given his damage and mobility, Tarka Ji excels given his ability to counter effectively, perform AoE attacks for high damage, and truly set the battlefield ablaze after performing all of his Ultimate variants —which will allow him to enter his Fire Frenzy state.

Ziping Lin

Image: 24 Entertainment

Considered by many, including us, as the game’s current premier healer, Ziping Lin is a must-pick given her ability to provide buffs and shields, as well as both heal by a massive amount and in the case of her first two Ultimate variants, apply the Sedate Soul state to her or all party members. Once in effect, Sedate Soul will make them immune to fatal strikes for 5 seconds.

Her third Ultimate variant, on the other hand, allows her to cast a field that will prevent both herself and her allies from taking damage. The field will also heal all party members inside of it for a fair amount after dissipating.

Viper Ning

Image: 24 Entertainment

A perfect mix of offensive prowess and supporting capabilities, Viper Ning is both the game’s staple character as well as one of its best, given her ability to stop enemy advances, as well as apply Silence effectively by performing both her Skil land Ultimate.

With that said, the Ultimate can also be considered as the star of her Kit, as its first two variants will also allow her to Stun multiple characters in a large AoE, thus in many cases guaranteeing team kills or successful escapes.

All Naraka Bladepoint S-Tier Characters

In the S-Tier, we have characters capable of excelling in a multitude of scenarios and matchups, as well as those capable of providing your team by supporting through both binding effects and their survivability-focused kits. With that said, differently from our S+ heroes, they are either more demanding (team-wise) or significantly easier to counter/face.

You can check out an overview of each of the game’s S-Tiers, as well as why they excel below:


Image: 24 Entertainment

The game’s best utility-focused character, Matari shines through her ability to apply stealth on all allies after performing her Ultimate, a characteristic which in turn allows her to shine the most when either preparing a retreat or ambushing adversaries. Her Skill can also be considered an excellent tool, as it will allow Matari to teleport forward a medium distance, all while also increasing her ATK.

Once her Ultimate is performed, the cooldown of all allies will also be reset. While under the Stealth effect applied by Matari’s Restore Ultimate variant, her teammates will be able to heal themselves by attacking enemies.

Feria Shen

Image: 24 Entertainment

Considered by many as the game’s D.VA equivalent (a comparison that the game’s developers never denied and fully embraced) Feria Shen excels given her ability to deal decent damage and gain mobility through her Skill, as well as completely dominate the field by using her Mech Mayhem Ultimate, as the move allows her to call her Mecha forward to the field.

Once in the field, she will then be able to (in most variants) use the mecha to both deal massive damage given its ruthless onslaught of attacks, and control it through its high overall armor.

It’s important to point out that, given the way team synergy works on Naraka Bladepoint, we do not recommend using her third Ultimate variant, which will instead of allowing her to pilot the mecha straight away, make it available for a teammate.

Akos Hu

Image: 24 Entertainment

A true best, pun intended, Akos Hu shines through his sheer power and ability to break through defenses and kill targets in a flash, although his unusual (but extremely fun) style of play may need a little getting used to.

With that said, the star of his kit lies in his ability to claw his way through opponents while in his Feral Frenzy state. His ability to negate damage, stop advances, and open enemies for damage through his Skill also helps him claim a spot among the game’s best.


Image: 24 Entertainment

The game’s staple defensive-focused unit, Tianhai is both an unstoppable force as well as a great counter-pick thanks to both his divine Bell Skill —which allows him to either block or counter most attacks— and his ability to take on the form of the mighty Vajra through his Titans Call Ultiame (all variants).

He can also be considered the game’s most dangerous hero in tight spaces when in his Varja form, as it will be almost impossible to escape his grabs and long-range attacks. It’s also important to point out that differently than a few ‘selfish’ picks, Tianhai is a character sure to fit any composition perfectly.


Image: 24 Entertainment

Considered by many as a more mobile and offensive-focused version of Tianhai, Yueshan has the ability to counter enemies effectively through his Scorching Dash skill as well as truly shake the battlefield by taking up the form of the Almighty General through his Ultimate. Once in his Almighty General form, Yueshan will then be able to tank damage while also dealing fast amounts of it in a decent AoE.

With that said, his biggest differential lies in his Ultimate’s Protection variant, which will also allow your party to become immune to control effects for a set amount of time and truly follow his lead to victory after the Almighty General takes the stage.


Image: 24 Entertainment

The game’s newest addition, Tessa is a character whose biggest strength lies in her ability to control the field through the use of her Skill, which allows her to keep enemies at bay effectively by either locking them into place or pushing them toward set spots. The latter of which can also work as an excellent team build-up move.

She also has in her Ultimate, which only costs 50% Rage, a great tool for crowd control, as it allows her to either deal a large amount of damage or open enemies to damage after an amount of time.

Valda Cui

Image: 24 Entertainment

Valda Cui is a character specialized in building up team advances through her ability to bind enemies effectively by performing both her Skill and Ultimate, all while also being able to deal a good amount of damage on her own through the use of some variations. For me especially, Valda Cui can be seen as the game’s second-best control hero, staying only behind Viper Ning.

Thanks to her ability to apply the Soaked status, she seems to work best when paired up with characters capable of applying Burn efficiently, such as Tarka Ji.

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All Naraka Bladepoint A-Tier Characters

Differently from our S-Tiers, our A-Tiers are although able to excel while in the field, characters who need to be either mastered or be in set matchups in order to truly bring about significant change. You can check out an overview of each of the game’s A-Tiers, below:

Justina Gu

Image: 24 Entertainment

Justina Gu’s biggest strength lies in her high mobility and ability to shield herself (and the party) from damage, a combo which in turn earned her the title of one of the game’s most versatile and adaptable heroes.

With that said, although her set is not focused on dealing damage per se, her Ultimate variants can deal unprecedented damage either directly, by allowing her to pursue and in most cases kill targets in a flash, or indirectly, by freezing enemies either after a strike or in a medium AoE. For those just starting in the game, Justina is also one of the, if not the, most beginner-friendly heroes in the game.


Image: 24 Entertainment

A character who has his mobility and overall utility when in the field as his biggest strengths, Wuchen is a unit capable of working well as a wild card through the effects of his highly adaptable Skill, which allows him to counter deat blows and either keep tabs on opponents or both protect and restore the armor of allies.

Wuchen is also a support sure to shine in the blinkest of moments, given his Ultimate’s ability to allow him and the party to either teleport or shift positions with targets.

Takeda Nobutaga

Image: 24 Entertainment

As a true Samurai, Takeda Nobutaga’s full set relies on technique, with all of his Skill variations being focused on parrying enemy advances, in special Blue Focus attacks.

His Ultimate variants, on the other hand, turns Takeda into a menace when facing opponents in any kind of scenario, as it allows him to call upon Furen (his demoniac spirit) in order to perform extended combos, stop enemy attacks and advances, and deal massive AoE damage. All variants of his Ultimate will also allow him to restore a good portion of both Heath and Armor after each Furen slash.

All Naraka Bladepoint B-Tier Characters

In the B-tier, we have characters who although capable of excelling in the right matchups, scenarios, or as part of set team compositions, are unlikely to be standouts, be it thanks to their situational kits or to the fact that other characters are able to surpass then in their optimal roles. You can check out an overview of each of the game’s B-Tiers, below:


Image: 24 Entertainment

Kurumi can be considered as a good support given her ability to heal, enhance, and remove debuffs from targets efficiently (variation dependent), all while also being able to restore massive amounts of both health and armor for the party.

With that said, the way that Kurumi becomes vulnerable during her skill as well as the way Ziping Lin is able of working as a way more adaptable and effective healer makes her a, although viable, not recommended choice for most scenarios.


Image: 24 Entertainment

A character who has the ability to perform ranged attacks as well as lock enemies into place while also obstructing their vision and opening them for damage, Tamulch is a hero capable of taking the field like a storm as the opening act of ambushes and rushdowns.

With that said, although completely capable of excelling in the right hands, the Grey Wolf earns his spot in our B-Tier given his large buildups as well as the way his Storm Prison Ultimate can be easily countered. by most of the game’s cast.

This guide was made while playing Naraka Bladepoint on both PC and PS5. We will update our Naraka Bladepoint tier list as new characters debut, so don’t forget to return once new heroes join the fray.

- This article was updated on August 14th, 2023

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