Naraka Bladepoint – How to Unlock Talents (Glyphs)

Talents and Glyphs will provide an advantage on the battlefield.

by Brandon Adams
Naraka Bladepoint - How to Unlock Talents (Glyphs)

Heroes in Naraka Bladepoint possess Talents that can be customized to fit your playstyle. Each character has a general talent board that is the shared by every Hero, but players can eventually unlock two others that’ll allow them to truly shape how their favorite characters play. Talents are not unlocked out of the gate though, so players looking to slot Glyphs into the talent board will need to play a few rounds in the Herald’s Trial before gaining access to talents.

Unlock talents in Naraka Bladepoint by reaching account level 6.

Talents – also known as Glyphs in Naraka Bladepoint – are unlocked by reaching account level 6. Your account level in Naraka Bladepoint is increased by completing challenges and by completing matches. Doing so will earn you experience (“XP” in-game), which is symbolized by the scroll currency you see attached to activities.

There are a couple of things you can do in Naraka Bladepoint to reach account level 6 quickly and unlock talents. First, clear out both the Regular and Advanced tutorials for some easy XP. Second, look at the daily challenges and aim to clear those first and foremost. Just jump into a Solo Herald’s Trial to knock these out: your early matches in Naraka Bladepoint will have bots, which makes it easier for you to not only clear the daily challenges, but to maximize your end-of-match XP since you can theoretically win with a bunch of kills.

Once you reach account level 6 the Talents tab will appear at the top of the landing page. Clicking this tab will bring you to your currently selected Hero’s equipped Glyph Board (I.E. the talent tree). On the left you will notice you have a few options: you can change your character, select your equipped Glyph Board, and even change which of your skills and ultimates are equipped.


The Glyph talent board itself is pretty simple to understand: there are four Glyph types, and each node fits one of those four types. As you level your account you’ll gain access to more nodes on the Glyph board. Glyph variants are unlocked either by leveling, or by using Tae (Naraka Bladepoint’s in-game standard currency). Glyphs can be upgraded with Tae as well up to rank 5, and there are 100 Glyphs to unlock and upgrade. So, it’s wise to know which characters’ talents you want to setup first, since Tae is also used to purchase cosmetics for free.

From here on out every even level will unlock an additional node in the Talents Glyph Boards. Remember, the first board in Naraka Bladepoint is a general one shared by every character, even new ones you’ve recently unlocked. Set that one up for standard play, then use Tae to unlock the other two for your preferred characters, since those can be altered independently.

Naraka Bladepoint launches August 12th, 2021 on PC via Steam and Epic.

- This article was updated on June 16th, 2021

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