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NBA 2K22 How to Get the Gym Rat Badge

Getting the Gym Rat Badge is a little bit different this year.

by C.J. Keller


The Gym Rat Badge is a favorite among NBA 2K players because it gives you a buff to your physical attributes without having to continually go into the Gatorade Training Facility.  In NBA 2K22 things are a bit different for the Gym Rat Badge, where it was a little bit more complicated in previous years, this year the Gym Rat Badge can be unlocked fairly early on in your My Career journey.  In this guide we’ll explain exactly how to unlock the Gym Rat Badge in NBA 2K22.

How to get the Gym Rat Badge NBA 2K22

This year getting the Gym Rat Badge is as simple as completing one of the challenges in My Career.  However, that challenge does require to complete one of the more tedious activities in the game.

First you need to Select the Gym Rat Challenge as active.  This can be accessed through the Quests > Career section in the menu.  Then you need to go visit the Gatorade Rep in the large training facility in the center of the map.  Once you meet with him, he will reveal that you can unlock the Gym Rat badge by completing three star activities in the Gatorade Gym 50 Times.  Once complete you will have the Gym Rat Badge and the associated powerups that go with it.

The only problem with having to complete this challenge is that the Gatorade skill games can be frustratingly bad.  2K hasn’t done much to improve on this facet of the game in years and often times the games feel designed for you to fail and get frustrated at.

Nevertheless, if you can scoop up that Gym Rat badge you can say goodbye to the training center and hello to a permanent boost to your attributes.

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