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New World: Which Faction Should You Join?

Which faction is best in New World?
new world factions

MMO’s are one of the most fascinating game genres out there and just this week, New World has thrown its hat into the ring of the most prominent. They rely on a sense of community and camaraderie that generally isn’t seen in other online games, but New World actually takes a different approach here. Instead of “let’s all get along”, the vibe is more “my faction is better than yours” and you know what? It works! Here’s which factions to join in New World.

Which Faction Should You Join in New World?


This question has a lot of weight to it as choosing a faction is pretty much the New World equivalent of choosing a friend group in High School, once you’re in, you’re in for a while. Choosing one is also far more impactful than just your social experience here as there are several other factors to keep in mind.

When it comes to territories, your faction will be a big factor in how your game will pan out. If your faction owns a territory you will get buffs that will work in your territory, so that means enemies will be far easier as long as you’re operating on your home field. In addition to this, factions can also set tax rates at the borders, which will affect how much money you’re going to be spending in certain areas.

PvP is a huge factor in which faction you choose as well, as more populated ones will have far more numbers than yours when it comes to a fight and if you have PvP turned on, the open-world can become a very dangerous place.

How to Join a Faction


You are unable to join a faction until you’ve reached at least level 10. Once you hit it, the choice is yours, but be careful as there is a 120-day lockout from changing factions once you choose one.

When it comes to which faction is best, the answer is thankfully none. The decision doesn’t matter past cosmetic options, though the size of the faction does matter. Factions will have different sizes on every server so the “best” one will be different for everyone pretty much. It’s a good idea to join either the biggest faction or the second biggest though as you can see how the buffs work in your territory which will help you decide if it’s the path you want to take. Right now, the Syndicate is the overwhelming favorite right now with the Marauders and Covenant in a close race for second.


The Marauders, Covenant, and Syndicate all have very unique looks and colors, but their gear is far from the best in the game and its really just there for the look and transmogging with your armor so you can don whatever look you like despite your armor stats. Faction missions will help your faction gain some ground, so be sure to hit these up as soon as you join one.

New World has introduced some exciting new gameplay into the MMO world and the interplay between factions looks to be the most intriguing part of all.

New World is available now on PC.

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