Nintendo Switch Sports Golf Update Release Date: When is Golf Coming to Switch Sports?

When can fans tee up for this familiar sport?

by Marc Magrini


Nintendo Switch Sports has given players the opportunity to experience six sports in unique ways. Some of these sports even come with their own game modes, providing some nice variety for players that want more from their experience. When it comes to this game’s future, fans will have more to look forward to than new unlockable equipment. Eventually, Nintendo plans to add golf into this title for free. But when is this golf update coming to Nintendo Switch Sports?

When is the Golf Update for Nintendo Switch Sports?

Details on this new update can be found in the announcement trailer for Nintendo Switch Sports. While there is no official date for the update, the trailer states that golfing will be added sometime in the fall. The update is also completely free, so sports fans can let their wallets rest easy.

Outside of its release in the Fall, there is very little information on what new features golfing will bring to Nintendo Switch Sports. The preview of golf given to fans shows off a distinct club being used to hit the ball. While it might simply confirm the return of switchable clubs, it could also hint that clubs will be added to the wide array of equipment already available for the game. The area that was shown also features all the essentials of a golf course, including sand traps and water hazards. Additionally, the heavy focus on multiplayer that Nintendo Switch Sports boasts might lead to a new game mode, similar to how online bowling has a survival mode.

Any returning or new features for the golf update remain to be seen. Features such as wind have yet to be shown off, and the total number of holes or courses is unknown. The original Wii Sports had a total of 9 holes for golf, while Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports Club allowed for 18-hole games. Only time will tell fans if golfing in Nintendo Switch Sports manages to live up to its predecessors.

Nintendo Switch Sports is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch.

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