How to Unlock Equipment in Nintendo Switch Sports

Switch things up with some new outfits!

by Marc Magrini


More customization options can be found in Nintendo Switch Sports than previous Nintendo sports titles. This is mostly thanks to the new avatars, as their unique faces and bodies have been designed to accept many different accessories. After playing a few games, players can unlock equipment for these avatars, as well as new titles and stamps for personal use. Obtaining these new items can prove to be a bit difficult, though, and some will require a lot of time before becoming available.

How to Unlock Equipment in Nintendo Switch Sports

Unlocking new items for your avatar to use requires you to play as many games globally as possible. After each game, you’ll earn a number of points based on the sport and how well you played in it. After reaching 100 points, you’ll be able to choose from a set of items. This includes new gear for sports like Chambara and Tennis, as well as new stickers and clothing. What you get is left up to random chance, so you might not get the item you want the first time around. After obtaining every item in the set, you’ll earn a completion bonus to get your hands on even more unique gear.

The available items seem to be on rotation; after a certain number of days, currently active sets will become unavailable for players to obtain items from. You’ll need to act fast to get the gear you want. Additionally, some pieces of equipment will not be available on Mii characters. You’ll need a new avatar if you want to try out every piece of equipment available. On a positive note, due to the nature of unlocking equipment, you’re likely to unlock Pro Leagues as well while trying to get your favorite gear. Unlocking equipment will require a lot of time – and plenty of activity thanks to motion controls – but persistence will lead you to looking your best!

Nintendo Switch Sports is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch.

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