No More Heroes 3: How to Reset Skills

Time for a re-roll.

by Andron Smith

Oh boy, you messed up and now you need to know how to reset skills in NH3. While figuring out there is even a lab under the motel took a bit of exploration, knowing how to use the time and power up machines is a whole other topic. While leveling up is easy to do, accidentally upping something like health when you meant to up your damage is thankfully reversible. Here’s everything we know on how to reset skills in No More Heroes 3.

How to Reset Skills in No More Heroes 3

To reset skills in No More Heroes 3, you’ll need to head to Naomi’s Lab either by using the pole in Travis’ room to go down or through the Burger Suplex (located in the same parking lot). Once here, you’ll use the Power Up machine and hit X to start the reset process. Once completed, you’ll get all spent WESN back and can re-inject them where you’d like. Resetting is not free though, check below for the expected costs for resetting skills.

A Clean Slate

To reset skills, you’ll need to have the required amount of Utopia Coins (UC) on hand when you begin the process. This amount increases the more times you reset skills so if you are hard up for UC, you’ll want to avoid resetting too frequently. See below for a quick reference of what we found during our test… for science!

  • Reset #1 – 5000 UC
  • Reset #2 – 8000 UC
  • Reset #3 – 12000 UC
  • Reset #4 – 16000 UC
  • Reset #5 – 20000 UC
  • Reset #6 – 20000 UC

After reset six, we ran out of coins to continue testing at the time of this writing but seeing how it incremented up until reset 5 then repeated on reset 6, we expect this may be the cap.

No More Heroes 3 is available now on the Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check the rest of our No More Heroes 3 Guides while you’re here!