No Such Thing as Too Many MW3 Achievement Guide | How to Find and Use all Armaments in Open Combat Missions

Collect every MW3 Armament in just three quick stops.

by Thomas Cunliffe
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To earn the ‘No Such Thing as Too Many’ achievement/trophy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, you must use every Armament during Open Combat Missions. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide that details the fastest way to find each Armament, including their precise map and Mission locations.

How to Find and Use All Armamnets in Open Combat Missions During Modern Warfare 3’s Campaign

To earn No Such Thing as Too Many, you must use all twelve Armaments during OCMs during Modern Warfare 3’s campaign. Armaments are essentially Killstreaks you can find in static locations around the map. You don’t need to kill an enemy for the Armament to count toward the achievement.

You won’t be able to find every Armament in a single Open Combat Mission, but Precious Cargo and Reactor host the majority between them. Keep reading to find out the fastest route and their exact locations in the Missions.

All Armaments in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 OCMs

Precious Cargo Armaments

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

The first stop on our tour is Precious Cargo, which contains five Armaments: Mosquito Drone, Bomb Drone, Cruise Missile, UAV, and Sentry Gun. I highly recommend jumping into the Mission on Recruit difficulty to save yourself a headache.

Mosquito Drone

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In section D7 of the map, near the starting area, there’s a blue container with one orange door. The Mosquito Drone is resting on top of a wooden crate in here.

Bomb Drone

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Section E6 has a Bomb Drone on top of stacked shipping containers. It’s resting on top of a box next to the Supply Box containing the Silenced Rival-9.

There’s also a Bomb Drone in the room directly across where you pick up the GPS trackers in the ship of the bridge during the mission. You only need one, though.

Cruise Missile

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In section H7, you can find a Cruise Missile inside the back area of the building on the ground floor.


  • UAV-Door-Entrance-Precious-Cargo-MW3
  • UAV-MW3

In section F2, on the ship, there’s a small room accessible from the deck or by going down the stairs near the flaming barrel outside the bridge. There’s a UAV in a blue box next to the Incendiary Bryson 800.

Sentry Gun

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When you enter the ship’s bridge at section F3, take your first left to find a Sentry Gun propped up against some containers.

Reactor Armaments

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Next up is Reactor, which has another five Armaments to collect. Don’t forget to use three different Armaments to blow up helicopters to earn the Helo Hat Trick achievement.

Stealth Bomber

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On top of the roof of the largest building in B2, there’s a Stealth Bomber among the crates in the corner.

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Mortar Strike and SAM Turret

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On top of the building stretching between C4 and C5, there’s a Mortar Strike and Sam Turret next to each other. Two birds with one missile.

You can also find another two next to each other out in the open in the corner of D2 and a few others scattered around the map near helicopters.


Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

On the roof of the rectangular building in section D6, there’s a VTOL Jet on the roof on top of a crate next to the ascending line. There’s also an extra SAM Turret on the same roof.

Precision Airstrike

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There’s a Precision Airstrike out in the open at the top of section G6, across from the front of the helicopter. How convenient!

Gora Dam

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For the last two Armaments needed for No Such Thing as Too Many, we’re going to head to Gora Dam for the Chopper Gunner and Cluster Mine.

Cluster Mine

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

In Section D4, at the end of the street next to the waterfalls, there’s a Cluster Mine on top of a crate next to the locked gate.

Chopper Gunner

Screenshot: Attack of the Fanboy

Finally, the Chopper Gunner can be found in the center of an island in section F6. Be careful of the sniper on the roof across if you’ve been spotted.

For more Modern Warfare 3 achievements, check out our guides on missable campaign achievements, Floater, and Helo Hat Trick. Happy hunting!

This guide was written while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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