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Overwatch Credits: How to Get Them & How to Use Them

by William Schwartz


One of the primary mechanics for Overwatch that keeps players coming back for more is the Loot Box system.  Simply play the game and go through the progression system and you’ll find yourself earning loot boxes with cosmetic items for the characters of the game.   These range from voice clips to poses, tags, and more.  Here’s a good resource on what loot is in Overwatch and how to get it.  But, sometimes Loot Boxes will contain coins that reward you with Overwatch Credits.

With a game like Overwatch that is randomly rewarding you with new items, you will sometimes get duplicates.  Luckily, these duplicates are turned into Overwatch Credits.  These are the gold coins that you’ll sometimes find in Loot Boxes.  So what do you do with these Overwatch credits?  Well, you can use them to buy anything you want assuming you have enough of them.

Just go into the Hero Gallery, select a character and each item will have a specific value attached to them for the unlock.  These range from small 75 credit items, to pricey 1000 credit items for some characters.

Your Overwatch Credits are always listed on the right side of the screen when you are in the menus.  But don’t go trying to spend it in the Xbox Store, that’s where you buy Loot Boxes for real world cash. You can’t currently buy Overwatch Credits in the in-game store.  But you can buy the Loot Boxes which may or may not contain the currency.  Since these Loot Boxes are tied to progression, there’s also no way to farm Overwatch Loot Boxes or farm Overwatch Credits.

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