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Overwatch Guide: What Are The Loot Box Prices?

by Dean James


Overwatch has been one of the most hyped games for nearly two years due to coming from the always consistent Blizzard. While it is possible to earn everything in game from playing, there is an alternate yet still random way that you can get the various things that you can use on the different characters.

We already told you that you get items through the loot boxes that you earn in game while playing Overwatch. However, while you can grind to earn these in the game, you also have the option to purchase them through the corresponding platform’s store.

To purchase more loot boxes, all you have to do is go to Loot Box on the main menu and then press the button that takes you to the store, which in the case of the PlayStation 4 is the Square button, which will take you to the PlayStation Store.

Upon doing this on the respective platforms, you will have five options to choose from, with you getting a better bargain the more you spend. The base package is just two loot boxes for $1.99, but from there you have the options of five loot boxes for $4.99, 11 loot boxes for $9.99, 24 loot boxes for $19.99, and 50 loot boxes for $39.99.

As mentioned above, these loot boxes are still completely random in Overwatch. There are no specific higher end loot boxes available like some games have, so you will have to weigh if it’s truly worth it to spend real life money on these loot boxes or not.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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