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Payday 2 Guide – How to Get the Joe Biden Mask

How to run into battle as the upcoming president of the United States.

by Shawn Robinson


Update 202 for Payday 2 released yesterday, being a relatively small update compared to some of the recent heist patches. Despite that, it did improve the experience for many, adjusting some weapon stat values and bringing more heists to the highly replayable Crime Spree mode. Joining that though is a new mask, depicting the soon-to-be 46th president Joe Biden hilariously. If you’re looking to dish out some damage as the upcoming president himself, here’s exactly how to get the Joe Biden mask in Payday 2.


Anyone who plays Payday 2 on the regular should be unsurprised by what I’m about to say. To purchase the Joe Biden mask, head over to the mask selector within your inventory and click on a slot that doesn’t already have a mask in it. This will bring you to a shop showcasing a whole host of masks to choose from. For this guide specifically, you’ll want to head to the “The 46th” mask and purchase it, thus adding it to your inventory. From there, just select the mask and it’ll be equipped to your selected heister.

That’s not all though. Payday 2 also features the ability to customize your mask to your liking. If you’d like Biden to have a wild paint job or pattern, head back to your mask inventory and this time, select the Joe Biden mask. Then, select the Customize Mask option and select what you want from there. You’ll have to find whatever you want while heisting, but you’re welcome to choose from what you have in the meantime. If you’d like to give Biden that little touch of American patriotism (maybe not so little in this case), then you’re free to!

And that’s everything you need to know about cosplaying as the latest president himself. If this guide helped you in any way, be sure to let us know and share it around so it can help others.

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