Payday 3 99 Boxes Full Stealth Guide

"I feel like you're just here for the zipline."

by Thomas Cunliffe
Dallas riding a zipline during the 99 Boxes heist in Payday 3
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Ice-T has a job for you, and you can’t say no to the dude who wrote New Jack Hustler. It’s best to tackle the 99 Boxes heist by going in quiet and smooth, as a loud approach can get ridiculously spicy and take far longer. Here’s how to complete a full stealth (quiet & smooth) run of 99 Boxes in Payday 3.

99 Boxes Full Quiet & Smooth Walkthrough Payday 3

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Recommended Loadout

Image: Starbreeze

While not every quiet Payday 3 heist requires a weapon, you’re forced to mask up in 99 boxes in order to zipline. Equip a secondary weapon with a silencer (I used the Signature 40) and the Standard lining for extra speed.

If you’re handy with it, feel free to equip a Throwing Knife, too. You won’t need any other equipment — unless things go wrong and you opt to complete it loud at the last minute like we did.

Best Skills

  • Grifter
  • Walk The Walk (Grifter tree)
  • Social Engineering (Grifter tree)
  • Quick Fingers (Infiltrator tree)
  • Secure Loop (Hacker tree)
  • Routed Ping (Hacker tree)
  • Glitch Protocol (Hacker tree)
  • Signal Catch (Hacker tree)

A quiet & smooth run of 99 Boxes on Normal and Hard is entirely possible with basic perks, but I’ve found the above perks to be the most useful.

Secure Loop is particularly great here due to the number of cameras around the shipping yard. Especially since you can keep using it once a camera has been destroyed during your mask phase. Glitch Protocol can also save you from failing at the beginning of the heist.

99 Boxes Full Quiet/Stealth Walkthrough

  • QR-Guard-99-Boxes-Payday-3
  • QR-Guard-99-Boxes-Escort-Payday-3

First things first, we’re going to need two QR codes to access the containers housing your precious loot. Locate the guards carrying cell phones outside the east and west guard offices and hack their phones to download the QR codes.

QRs are shared between the entire team, so it’s a good idea to split up if you’re playing with friends. Don’t worry if a guard catches you while you hack their phone, as the hack will continue while they escort you. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again, or they’re in the right spot for a quick bullet to the skull.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Mask up and enter the warehouse through the open container. Search the inside for wooden crates containing liquid nitrogen. Be careful of the cameras; remember, you can disable them using a silencer on lower difficulties. Use your Secure Loop skill, or be exceptionally cautious if the cameras are indestructible.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Next, look for the refrigeration truck that’s going to keep the loot you throw in nice and chilly. Pop in the liquid nitrogen and carefully make your way upstairs, intimidating and tying up hostages as needed.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

One of the rooms on the upper floors will contain a computer that notes which storage yard has the tech you’re looking for. Far easier than literally searching through 99 boxes, for sure.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Make your way to that side of the central area and look for a zipline bag. Set the bag down and zip into the yard housing the containers. Look for a white container with a QR scanner. This is where your hi-tech components are waiting for you and why you needed to nab the QR codes earlier.

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Open the crate and activate the panel on the glass door. Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite activity: standing in circles around the area and waiting for the door to open. Once it is, grab the hi-tech components and sprint to the refrigerated truck. Stealthily, of course. The longer you take, the more the parts worsen in value, which is why Standard Lining and skills that boost speed are so important.

You need to repeat this process one more time before making your grand escape and wracking in those sweet, sweet Infamy Points.

99 Boxes Stealth Summary

To refresh your brain or for reference while you’re playing, here’s a quick summary of a full 99 Boxes stealth run in Payday 3:

  • Obtain the QR codes from guards on the East and West sides.
  • Enter the warehouse and open the refrigerated truck.
  • Obtain liquid nitrogen coolant from wooden boxes inside the warehouse.
  • Use the computer on the upper floor to learn the location of the shipments.
  • Search for a zipline bag and place it down on the appropriate side.
  • Look for a white container with a QR scanner, and scan your code.
  • Stand in circles to gain access to the door inside the container.
  • Grab the loot, sprint to the refrigerated truck, and place it inside.
  • Repeat the process a second and final time.
  • Revel in your money and a job well done.

So, what’s the next target, heister? How about a stealth run of No Rest For The Wicked? Or perhaps you fancy making your dusty old mask a little prettier with your hard-earned dough.

This guide was written while playing Payday 3 on Xbox Series X.

- This article was updated on September 24th, 2023

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