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Phasmophobia – How to Start and End Missions, and Complete the Tutorial

You don't have to leave the session

by Kyle Hanson


Starting a new mission in Phasmophobia might take a while. You have to get your friends online and in the same party, choose all your options and equipment, then set out to hunt a ghost. If your survive you have some cash waiting for you when you return, but you’ve gotta complete the mission first. Of course, like so many things in the game it isn’t clear how to actually do this. To help here’s how to start and end missions, and complete the tutorial in Phasmophobia.

How to Start and End Missions and Complete the Tutorial

This isn’t a full walkthrough of the tutorial, as we’ve broken down the tougher elements of it in other guides. In short you need to follow the steps laid out on the TV in the living room. Once you’re done with all of that though you might wonder how to actually complete the tutorial and head back to your base. Sure, you can just leave the session but who wants to do that? Instead let’s explain how to end missions in Phasmophobia.

Whether it’s the tutorial or a full mission with friends the method is the same, just head back to the truck and repeat the process of starting the mission. What was that? Simple: activate the keypad near the truck’s exit by clicking on it or hitting right trigger. At the start of a mission this will open the back door letting you out and into the house. Once you’re ready to leave, whether you have all the objectives completed or now, just activate the keypad again to end the mission or complete the tutorial.

So when you ask how to start and end missions, and complete the tutorial in Phasmophobia the answer is to use the keypad near the back of the truck. It will do all of them, but make sure you’re ready to go since there’s no confirmation.

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