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Phasmophobia – How to Set Up and Place the Camera

How to find those ghost orbs

by Kyle Hanson


Phasmophobia is one of those games that needs a tutorial for its tutorial. This is especially true for the camera, which it blithely tells you to set up so you can potentially see ghost orbs in the image. But how does all of this work? It’s kind of simple, but only once you understand how things work in this game. To help, here’s how to set up and place the camera in Phasmophobia.

How to Set Up and Place the Camera

The video camera in Phasmophobia requires a few things to work. First, you have to pick it up from the truck, then you need to turn it on, then you have to place it near where you think the ghost is residing, and then you can check the cameras to see if you spot something. All these steps seem simple but the controls and interface make it tougher than it needs to be.

Once you have the camera in your hand, this is the black camera not the still camera, right click or right trigger if you’re using a controller. This will turn it on, as designated by the red light turning green. You can now set it up and place it somewhere so you can actually use it to find and identify the ghost. When you think you’ve narrowed down the ghost’s location (the tutorial will tell you where to go) just go to the room and find a spot where the camera can see all or most of the room, typically a corner or table. Later on you can add a tripod to your inventory and use this almost anywhere.

Once you pick your spot just walk up and you should see an outline where the camera will be placed if you press F or left trigger on controller. You may want to rotate it before you place it though, which can be done by left clicking on the mouse. Once it’s at the right angle just hit F or left trigger to place it there at that angle.

So that’s how to set up and place the camera in Phasmophobia. Now just head back to the truck and watch the feed (activate the keyboard to change cameras) to see if you find any ghost orbs.

- This article was updated on:October 9th, 2020

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