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Phasmophobia – How to Unlock and Open Doors

To find the ghost you need to get inside

by Kyle Hanson


Phasmophobia may task you with finding, tracking, and identifying a ghost but its first challenge is simply getting inside the locked house where you’ll do all of that. If you’ve played before, or someone in your group has, they may jump over this step but it’s important to understand how doors even work in this game. Here’s how to unlock and open doors in Phasmophobia.

How to Unlock and Open Doors

When you arrive at your first mission in Phasmophobia the main door will be locked. Thankfully, this one is simple enough as there’s a key right inside the truck. Head back and check on the desk right next to the keyboard and you should see the key there. Pick it up and it won’t even take up an inventory spot. You can now unlock the door just by walking up and clicking on it or activating it with right trigger on a controller.

Now that it’s unlocked you can open it just like all the doors in the house. Hold click or right trigger on it and move the camera to swing the door in whatever direction you want. If it doesn’t move, try the other direction as they’re sometimes push or pull in weird ways. This should get you through the house, though sometimes the doors can be locked for other reasons.

Some areas need other keys, so just hunt till you find them and then go back to unlock the door. Other times the ghost becomes so angry that they lock the door or hold it closed. If this happens there isn’t much you can do, so just hide instead. You need the ghost to calm down before the door will unlock.

And now you know how to unlock and open doors in Phasmophobia. Good luck and keep an exit ready.

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