Pixel Piece Map Guide: All Locations, Quests, and Items

Complete map guide for Pixel Piece players.

by Christian Bognar
Image: WorldUp Studios and Roblox Corporation

Roblox fans love Pixel Piece due to the inspiration it has drawn from and the size of the map. There are tons to do and discover on the adventure through Pixel Piece, but the map needs to clarify what you’re getting into. That is why we designed this guide to walk you through what each location entails and the possible items and drops in various areas. Read further for a complete Pixel Piece map guide with Items, Quests, and Locations.

All Pixel Piece Map Locations, Quests, and Items

Image: Official Pixel Piece Trello / WorldUp Studios and Roblox Corporation

There are a lot of areas in the Roblox game, meaning it can get overwhelming. This guide will start with the earlier levels and end with the final location, which requires a high level of 290. Below are all areas in Pixel Piece and the items and quests you can find within.

Central Port

Central Port will be the area you go to for resetting stats and fruits, as well as the location of a Fruit Dealer. Below is a quick bullet point list and complete guide for this location.

  • Reset Stats
  • Reset Fruits
  • Fruit Dealer
  • Items: Vail Island Log Pose, Arena Island Log Pose

Arena Island

Arena Island is your go-to spot for PVP in Pixel Piece. That is the only purpose of this island, and it doesn’t have any valuable items or quests for the players to partake in. Players can be rewarded in PVP, such as in-game currency.

Pixel Piece Starter Island

Pixel Piece Island is the starting level for players, meaning they need to be at level 0 to access this area. Below is everything you can find at Pixel Piece Starting Island.

  • Gabis Quest (level 1+): Defeat six Bandits
  • Sophia’s Quest (level 10+): Defeat one Bandit Boss
  • Enemies: Bandits and Bandit Boss
  • Drops: None
  • Items: None

Shells Town

Shell’s Town is most likely the following area players will be visiting. Below you will find everything you can expect when venturing into this area.

  • Furton’s Quest (level 15+): Defeat five Swordsmen sailors
  • Namtar’s Quest (level 30+): Defeat five Cutlass Marines
  • Ranabana’s Quest (level 40+): Defeat Norgan
  • Enemies: Swordsmen Sailors, Cutlass Marines, Norgan Boss
  • Drops: Axe Hand, Metal Jaw
  • Items: Classic Cutlass, Katana, Axe Hand, Marine Hat, Metal Jaw, Caravel Boat, Orange Town Log Pose, Baratie Log Pose

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Orange Town

Orange Town is the following location players should look into exploring. This area is known for the number of items that can be acquired here! Check out the complete list of quests, possible drops, and items below.

  • Laff’s Quest (level 35+): Defeat Nine Clown Pirates
  • Picle’s Quest (level 50+): Defeat Kabaji
  • Olivia’s Quest (level 55+): Defeat Captain Puggy
  • Enemies: Clown Pirates, Kabaji, Captain Puggy
  • Drops: Clown Nose, Cutlass Charlie, Kaba Scarf, Puggy Scarf, Puggy Hat, Puggy Cape
  • Items: Cutlass Kaba, Cutlass Charlie, Clown Nose, Kaba Scarf, Puggy Scarf, Puggy Hat, Puggy Cape, Knarr Boat, Syrup Village Log Pose

Vaill Island

Next, as you get higher in level — head to Vaill Island, where it is required to be close to level 70! Read on for the complete list of all quests, items, and drops possible at Vaill Island.

  • Haiki Trainer’s Quest (level 70+): Bring 5,000 Beli and Defeat the Ancient Gorilla Enemy.
  • Enemies: Ancient Gorilla
  • Drops: Haki v1, Haki Crystal
  • Items: Haki v1, Haki Crystal, Soul of Armament

Syrup Village

Syrup Village is one of the best locations in Pixel Piece, mainly due to being able to learn the One Style of fighting here. Besides that, it offers some great rewards!

  • Karlo’s Quest (level 70): Defeat four Nuro Bandits
  • Tony’s Quest (level 85): Defeat five strong Nuro Bandits
  • Sopp’s Quest (level 110): Defeat one Nuro Pirate
  • Enemies: Nuro Bandits, Strong Nuro Bandits, Nuro Pirate
  • Drops: Nuro Claws
  • Items: Nuro Claws, Sky Walk, One Sword Style, Shark Park Log Pose

Shark Park

Shark Park is where players start to get to the endgame. Demanding a high level of 145 to complete, this location can be tricky. Here is everything you can expect at Shark Park in Pixel Piece.

  • James’ Quest (level 110): Defeat seven Arling Bandits
  • Peixe’s Quest (level 145): Defeat five Strong Arling Bandits
  • Enemies: Arling Bandits, Strong Arling Bandits
  • Drops: None
  • Items: Shark Sword


Loguetown is a mystery as there doesn’t seem to have a lot of items — although it is such a high-level recommendation. Here is what we know so far about Loguetown in Pixel Piece.

  • Lia’s Quest (level 250): Defeat 10 Angry Pirates
  • Shade’s Quest (level 290): Defeat Corrupt Marine
  • Enemies: Angry Pirates, Corrupt Marine
  • Drops: None
  • Items: Undetermined

Now that you understand each location and the rewards you get for venturing to them — it is time to 100 percent your adventure. Good luck!

- This article was updated on June 20th, 2023

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