Pixel Piece Race Guide: Buffs for Every Race

Here are all the buffs for each race in Pixel Piece.

by Christian Bognar
Image: World Up Team and Roblox Corporation

At the beginning of your playthrough of Pixel Piece, the game will assign you a race. Races have buffs included that can increase stats or grant specific abilities. With five races in total, some are easier to roll than others due to how strong their buffs and skills are. This guide will cover all races and the perks you get for each — so you understand which one you should aim to roll for the most.

Buffs for Each Race in Roblox: Pixel Piece

Personally, I think Oni race is the best in the Roblox game because it provides the highest number of benefits (five in total) compared to the other four races. That said, there are no terrible options — so make sure not to get down on yourself if you end up with a race other than Oni. Here are all the races and the buffs they provide in Pixel Piece.


  • 1.3x Stamina Regeneration
  • 1.2x Health Regeneration
  • Evolve into a Cyborg


  • Stamina increased by 25
  • Health increased by 25
  • Increase in Agility
  • Further gliding distance


  • 1.3x increased experience points gain
  • Swimming speed increased
  • Fisherman Karate

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  • Stamina increased by 100
  • 1.2x increase in Physical Strength
  • Electro Combat


  • 1.3x increase in Physical Strength
  • 1.2x increase in Damage Resistance
  • 1.4x increase in Haki Experience Gain
  • Health increased by 100
  • Ability to evolve into Elder Oni

How to Change Race in Pixel Piece

The good news is that you can reroll your race after the game picks one. Players can change their race by spending Robux in the game’s main menu. First, head to the Main Menu and select Customize to enter the character customization screen. On the top right corner of the screen, there will be a races option, which you should select and take your chances by spinning for another race. If you run out of spins, spend Robux for more and try again. The chances of getting Oni (the best race in the game) is rare, so be patient, and eventually, you will unlock it!

- This article was updated on June 19th, 2023

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