Pokemon GO Alolan Raichu Raid Guide: Best Counters & Weaknesses

Find out the best tactics to bring down Alolan Raichu in the newest Pokemon GO Three Star Raid!

by Shaun Cichacki


While Pikachu may be the mascot of the Pokemon Company, their Alolan evolution may just take the cake in Pokemon GO. You’ll find yourself squaring off against the adorable, but deadly Alolan Raichu in some of the newest Three Star Raids that are coming alongside the newest update to Pokemon GO, the 2022 Water Festival.

However, what is this Electric-type Pokemon doing in a Water Festival, you may be asking? Well, not only is it Electric, it’s a Water-type, as well! Bringing double the fun, but also double the pain against certain types of Pokemon, you’ll need our help to get the best team possible to go up against this Pokemon. Let’s get right into it!

Best Raid Tactics for Alolan Raichu in Pokemon GO


As we mentioned above, you’ll be facing off against double-trouble with this Electric/Water-type Pokemon. Not only are they fast and furious, but they’re also able to take a few hits before succumbing to your wrath. You’ll find their strengths and weaknesses down below.

Alolan Raichu Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Against – Only 63% Damage Taken

  • Fighting
  • Flying
  • Steel
  • Electric
  • Psychic

Weak Against – Takes 160% Damage

  • Ground
  • Bug
  • Ghost
  • Dark

While it may have one more in the Strengths category, there are plenty of Pokemon that will be able to bring this radical rodent down. Make sure that you have a stacked team, with some of the Pokemon that we’ll be listing, and you’ll be ready to take one of these home with you.

Pokemon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Chandelure Hex Shadow Ball
Gengar Lick Shadow Ball
Dragpult Hex Shadow Ball
Darkrai Snarl Shadow Ball
Cursola Hex Shadow Ball
Landorus (Therian Forme) Mud Shot Earthquake

Since Ghost-type Pokemon are quite strong on their merit, it’s no surprise to see that they’re going to be your primary focus in the top counters for this type. Thankfully, since they’re able to dish out a tremendous amount of punishment with Shadow Ball, you’ll be able to inflict a lot of damage quickly to Alolan Raichu. Make sure that you’re bringing as many as you can along to this fight to make quick work of them.

If you’re in the need of more items, getting your hands on a Pokemon Go Plus, or an Auto Catcher device can help you stock up on items, Pokemon, and more, to make sure that you’re fully combat-ready. Since you’ll need to catch repeat Pokemon to get your hands on a lot of Candies, you’ll need plenty of PokeBalls to do that, and these devices can help you get everything you need, and more!

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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