Pokémon Go Diamond and Pearl Event Guide: Collection Challenge, Research, and More

Everything leading up to the celebration of Diamond and Pearl's remastered edition

by Joshua Raymer

With Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl releasing later this month, Niantic has announced a celebratory event to hype up the long-awaited arrival of the Pokémon Gen 4 remakes. This multi-day event will feature new costumes, challenges, bonuses, and more, so preparing for what’s coming is quite important. In this guide, we’ll be breaking down everything to look forward to in the Pokémon Go Diamond and Pearl event.

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When is the Pokémon Go Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Event?

For players with time constraints, you’ll be happy to hear that the Diamond and Pearl event will last for a generous 5-day window. The event will begin on November 16th at 10 AM local time and will last all the way until November 21st at 8 PM. With the amount of content coming in, this should be enough time for anyone to see everything the game has to offer. If you want to make the most of it, be sure to remember to set your clocks for the afternoon of the 16th in order to head out as soon as possible.

What’s Going On During the Diamond and Pearl Event?

With as long as it’s lasting, the upcoming event holds a lot of content in store. We’ll be breaking down the bonuses, collection challenges, research goals, and more to smooth your adventure out as much as possible.


  • Incubators will hatch in just 1/2 their standard distance
  • Super Incubators will hatch in 1/3 of their standard distance
  • Both bonuses apply for the full event duration

Collection Challenge

  • A challenge to collect all costumed Pokémon will be available for a boost in XP, these Pokémon are as follows
    • Turtwig (Lucas and Dawn’s hats)
    • Chimchar (Lucas and Dawn’s hats)
    • Piplup (Lucas and Dawn’s hats)
  • Collecting all 3 Starters in both hat variations will net 1000 XP, 3000 Stardust, and a Frosslass encounter


  • Budew, Bonsly, Mime Jr., Happiny, and Riolu will all begin to hatch from 7 km eggs
  • Several Raids will begin spawning rare Pokémon
    • Mega Raids will spawn Mega Lopunny
    • 5-Star Raids will spawn Cresselia
    • 3-Star Raids will spawn Tyranitar, Toxicroak, Gallade, Drapion, Salamance, and Lopunny
    • 1-Star Raids will spawn Bronzor, Cranidos, Drifloon, Shieldon, and Gible
  • Completing Research tasks will spawn all 3 Gen 4 starters, Burmy, Bagon, Shieldon, Larvitar, and Cranidos

Shop Sales

  • A new line of Turtwing, Piplup, and Chimchar onesies will appear in the shop
  • Sinnoh-themed hats, tops, pants, shoes, backpacks, skirts, and boots will all become available to decorate your avatar in the style of the Gen 4 protagonists
  • Stickers themed around iconic Sinnoh Pokémon will become available through the shop, Stops, and Gifts

In addition to all of the above, nearly the entire cast of Gen 4 Pokés available in Pokémon Go will have a far higher spawn rate during the Diamond and Pearl event. This includes Shiny spawns, so make sure to look around if you want to nab something rare.


Pokémon Diamond’s Event Switches with Pearl?

This new event is not a continuous narrative. While the event starts on the 16th, it might be more apt to say that the Diamond event starts on the 16th. On November 18th, at 10 AM local time, the event will switch to focus on Pokémon Pearl until the 21st, at which point the full event will conclude. While the differences between both events are fairly minor, each event will have higher spawn rates for the Pokémon exclusive to that game. So, for example, expect to find more Poochenya during the Diamond event, whilst more Houndour will spawn on the Pearl side.

With this, everything in the Pokémon Go Diamond and Pearl event should be completely covered. But bear in mind, there are more events than just this coming to Pokémon Go this November. Furthermore, guides for the rest of the Pokémon Go series can be found by looking over here.

Pokémon GO is available for free on Android and iOS devices.