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Pokemon GO: How To Catch Ghost Type Pokemon

These are the best strategies to catch Ghost-type Pokemon.

Do you want to know how to catch Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go? Ghost-type Pokemon are some of the rarest in Pokemon Go. They are an essential part of your team for battling Psychic and Fighting Pokemon. So how do you catch ghost types in Pokémon Go? Outside of the yearly Halloween events, ghost Pokemon can seem hard to find. Yet with the right knowledge and strategy, you can drastically improve your chances of finding and catching those spooky, mischief-making partners. The most important factors for catching ghosts are the time of day and your local weather. So what should you be looking for?

When To Find Pokemon Go Ghost Types?

  • Time: Between 8 PM and 8 AM.
  • Weather: Fog increases Ghost and Dark-type appearances.

Catching Ghost Pokemon at night time yields the highest appearance rates. Try to look from sunset to sunrise. Weather is the next important factor. Hit the road when it’s most likely to be foggy in the early morning. But this is just the basic strategy.

The secret of why Ghost types are so rare isn’t that they appear less than other Pokemon, but that people usually don’t want to head out for a hike when the trail is dark and covered in fog. Rather than becoming a morning person, here is a strategy that can work any time of day.

Most of the Ghosts in Pokemon GO have secondary typing. This means you can aim at the secondary types and employ strategies that fit your way of playing. Cloudy weather gives bonuses to Poison types. Perfect for the coveted Ghastly, Haunter, Gengar trio. Sunny/Clear weather can boost fire types like the Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure trio. Lastly, do not forget the basics.

Incense and Lure Modules are always your friends. Even without the right time of day nor the right kind of weather, you can still encounter ghost-type Pokémon. Saving these items for those peak conditions can also maximize your catching potential. Eggs, Raids, and Special events can all yield special rewards, but you will have more success in the long term if you remember these guidelines.

Pokemon Go is available now on Android and iOS.

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