Pokemon GO Magikarp Spotlight Hour Guide: Can Magikarp Be Shiny?

Find out all of the details on this upcoming Spotlight Hour event!

by Shaun Cichacki


Every week, a new Pokemon gets their time to shine in Pokemon GO. This coming week, you’re about to start spotting quite a few more Magikarp than normal, and while they may not be the most capable combatant, you’ll need to catch as many as you can to get them to evolve into Gyarados, who just so happens to be a great Pokemon to have on your team. Here is everything you’ll need to know about the upcoming Spotlight Hour for Magikarp.

Magikarp Spotlight Hour Start and End Time

The spotlight hour for Magikarp will start on Tuesday, May 17th at 6:00 p.m. and end at 7:00 p.m. local time the same day. You’ll spot this Pokemon just about everywhere you go during this timeframe, making the task of getting 400 Magikarp Candy to evolve into Gyarados a little bit easier.

Can Magikarp Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Thankfully, while the iconic orange of this Pokemon is well known, you’ll be able to get your hands on a Shiny Golden Magikarp during this event, as well! You’ll instantly notice the difference, and with this Shiny Type’s evolution, you’ll get a bright, red Gyarados for your trouble. You’ll just need to make sure that you’re trying to catch as many as you can to get a Shiny, as their chances are pretty slim.

How To Catch Magikarp

Since Magikarp is usually a fairly weak Pokemon, there shouldn’t be much issue in regards to adding this Pokemon to your team. Making sure that you’ve been completing different tasks to earn different types of Pokeballs will make this a much easier project for you, as well. If you’re still needing more items, make sure to check into the options of the Pokemon GO Plusas well as different Auto Catcher devices, which can help you get as many Magikarp as possible.

Once you have enough Pokeballs and Berries, you’ll be able to get out into the field and start catching as many as possible to get up to 400 Candies, and since Magikarp has a Max CP of 274, you shouldn’t have much of an issue getting them on your first or second throw. There are also quite a few quests involving Curveballs, so make sure you’re practicing, as those can increase your odds of catching a Pokemon quickly and easily.

Magikarp Spotlight Hour Bonuses

The bonus that you’ll see during the Magikarp Spotlight Hour is 2X Evolution XP. This means any Pokemon that you evolve during this time will get double the XP, allowing you to level your character up faster than ever before. Since there are a lot of Pokemon that have lower evolution requirements, you’ll be able to rack up huge XP bonuses and get to the next level faster than ever before.

And that’s what to expect during the Magikarp Spotlight Hour event! Since you’ll be able to get your hands on a Shiny Magikarp, tune in and get ready to start catching as many as you can, especially since Gyarados is a worthwhile investment for your team!

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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