Pokemon GO: Should You Choose Midnight or Midday Form for Lycanroc?

Should you choose Midnight or Midday Lycanroc?

by Noah Nelson


Pokemon GO Season of Alola is here and with it, brand new Alola region Pokemon. One of those Alola Pokemon prowling onto the scene is Lycanroc in both its Midday and Midnight Forms. The question is, which Lycanroc Form should you pick? And, how do you get a Lycanroc? All of this and more will be answered in this guide on which Lycanroc Form you should pick in Pokemon GO.

How to Get a Lycanroc in Pokemon GO

In order to get a Lycanroc, you need to first get a Rockruff. Rockruff is the original Alola region Pokemon that evolves into either Lyrcanroc Form. Unfortunately, during the Welcome to Alola event, Rockruff can’t be caught in the wild.

There are only two methods so far to catch a Rockruff in Pokemon GO. The first is through the One Star Raids. The second is through a 10KM Egg. Something great about Rockruff, Lyrcanroc Midday, and Lycanroc Midnight is that they can all be shiny in Pokemon GO. Once you’ve caught yourself a Rockruff, you now need to decide which form of Lycanroc you want.

Lycanroc Midday Form

If you want a Lycanroc Midday Form, then you need to evolve your Rockruff by feeding it 50 Candy while the sun is up. The main difference that sets Lycanroc Midday Form apart from its Midnight Form counterpart is its move set. Both forms are Rock-type Pokemon and both have relatively similar stats. Here are the stats for Lycanroc Midday Form:

  • Max CP – 3027
  • Attack – 231
  • Defense – 140
  • Stamina – 181

As mentioned previously, the difference comes down to their individual move sets. Here is the move set for Lycanroc Midday Form:

  • Fast Moves
    • Sucker Punch
    • Rock Throw
  • Charged Moves
    • Stone Edge
    • Drill Run
    • Crunch

If you are looking for a slightly higher Attack and these specific moves to round out your team, then Lycanroc Midday Form is the choice for you.

Lycanroc Midnight Form

Much like Lycanroc Midday Form, to get yourself a Lycanroc Midnight Form, all you need to do is feed your Rockruff 50 Candy and choose to evolve during nighttime. While both forms of Lycanroc are powerful, Lycanroc Midnight Form does have the leg up. Here are the stats for Lycanroc Midnight Form:

  • Max CP – 3102
  • Attack – 218
  • Defense – 152
  • Stamina – 198

Here is the move set for Lycanroc Midday Form:

  • Fast Moves
    • Counter
    • Rock Throw
  • Charged Moves
    • Stone Edge
    • Psychic Fangs
    • Crunch

While it does have a slightly lower Attack, Lycanroc Midnight Form makes up for it with more Defense, Stamina, and a better-rounded move set. If you’re in the market for which form of Lycanroc to pick, you should go with the Lycanroc Midnight Form.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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