Pokémon GO – Spotlight Hour Schedule for December 2021

The roster of Spotlight Hour Pokémon for December does not disappoint.

by Connor Christie
December 2021 Spotlight Hour Pokemon GO Schedule

As part of a December packed full of events, Pokémon GO players will again be able to participate in four weekly Spotlight Hours throughout the festive season. With first-generation favourites and wintry Ice-types, there’s something for everyone this month, including the different bonuses accompanying each Spotlight Hour.

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In this guide, we break down each Pokémon appearing as part of the Spotlight Hour events this month, as well as the possibilities of bagging a coveted Shiny type during the sixty minutes.

Spotlight Hour Schedule for December 2021

Every Spotlight Hour throughout December takes place from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM local time. This month, all of the available Spotlight Hour Pokémon are available in Shiny form, so be sure to make the most of the increased spawns.

Electabuzz – December 7th


The first Spotlight Hour of the month belongs to Electric-type Electrabuzz. You’ll want to catch all the Electabuzz you can before the hour is out, as the bonus for this Spotlight Hour is 2x Transfer Candy. There aren’t many quicker ways to get Candy for a specific Pokémon in this game, so take advantage of the full sixty minutes.

Magmar – December 14th


Magmar thaws through the middle of the month with a Spotlight Hour of its own. During this time, you’ll also receive a bonus of 2x XP for evolving Pokémon, making it the perfect opportunity to turn last week’s Electabuzz into Electivire or your new Magmar into Magmortar.

Snover – December 21st


Snover cools the temperature back down in the second half of December, bringing the gift of a 2x Catch XP boost. In addition, it’s a great chance to get your hands on an Abomnasnow, Snover’s fully evolved Ice/Grass-type form. While not the ideal typing for taking on Fire-types, it can still do some damage in the Great League if trained well.

Cubchoo – December 28th


The last Spotlight Hour of 2021 in Pokémon GO is Cubchoo, the bear cub Ice-type. The bonus for this last spotlight hour is a 2x Catch XP, so it makes sense to see out the year with a catch-a-thon.

That’s all you need to know about the Spotlight Hour events littered throughout Tuesday’s this December in Pokémon GO. As we said earlier, these Pokémon are all available in their Shiny forms during their respective Spotlight Hours, but as there’s no guarantee, you should pack a couple of Incense if you want to boost your odds of a Shiny spawn further.

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Pokémon GO is available now on Android and iOS.