Psychonauts 2 Secret Achievements Revealed

There are 20 secret achievements in Psychonauts 2

by Gavin Burtt
Psychonauts 2

Pyschonauts 2 has just released straight to Xbox Game Pass, and we’ve got the full list of Psychonauts 2 secret achievements for you here. With a grand total of 57 achievements, this looks to be a fairly straightforward completion, but it will be a whole lot easier with the secret achievements uncovered. While most of these are secret, for the purpose of preventing spoilers, one of these secret achievements is not story-related, and thus can very easily be missed.

Of the 57 achievements, 20 of them are secret. All of their descriptions will be uncovered below, then the remaining 37 achievements will also be listed, such that you can view the list in its entirety more easily than through your Xbox guide. Their Gamerscore values will also be listed beside them.

Psychonauts 2 Secret Achievements

  • Employee of the Year! (15G)
    Navigated Loboto’s Labyrinth
  • Mentee Fresh (15G)
    Received your first assignment
  • EVERYBODY Hates Socks with Sandals (15G)
    Made a connection in Hollis’ Classroom
  • Know When to Fold’em (15G)
    Shut Down the Luctopus
  • High Roller Revelations (15G)
    Cooled Hollis’ Hot Streak
  • Jung at Heart (15G)
    Visited the Collective Unconscious
  • Sane in the Membrane (15G)
    Repaired Ford Fractured
  • Ram It Down (15G)
    Plated Compton’s Cookoff
  • Feast of the Senses (15G)
    Completed PSI King’s Sensorium
  • A Little Off the Top (15G)
    Treated Ford’s Follicles
  • Perfect Game (15G)
    Bowled Strike City
  • To the Letter (15G)
    Delivered Cruller’s Correspondence
  • Buried Memories (15G)
    Raided the Tomb of the Sharkophagus
  • The Relic Room (15G)
    Discovered the Astralathe
  • Archetypal Victory (15G)
    Perused Cassie’s Collection
  • Bob’s Your Uncle (15G)
    Emptied Bob’s Bottles
  • Tattered Family (15G)
    Soothed Lucrecia’s Lament
  • Deluginist Darkness (15G)
    Frequented Fatherland Follies
  • Finish What Was Started (70G)
    Dissolved the Deluge of Grulovia
  • Make It Stop! (15G)
    Broke all 3 Gramaphones in Fatherland Follies

Other Achievements

  • Home Run (15G)
    Found the Family Camp
  • Family is in Tents (15G)
    Helped Dion Setup Aquatodome
  • Dance, Baby, Dance (15G)
    Completed Queepie Quest
  • Good Vibes Only (15G)
    Completed Gisu’s Psychoseismometer Quest
  • A Fungus Among Us (15G)
    Completed Lili’s Request
  • Keep Your Shirt On (30G)
  • Associate Intern (15G)
    Achieved Rank 2
  • Junior Intern (15G)
    Achieved Rank 10
  • Senior Intern (15G)
    Achieved Rank 50
  • Principal Intern (30G)
    Achieved Rank 100
  • Extra Credit (15G)
    Upgraded your first Badge
  • Power Play (15G)
    Fully upgraded a Badge
  • Unlimited Power! (15G)
    Acquired all Upgrades
  • Safecracker (30G)
    Cracked all Vaults
  • Figheaded (30G)
    Found all Figments
  • You’re it! (30G)
    Tagged all Emotional Baggage
  • Pin Drop (15G)
    Equipped your first Pin
  • Pinhead (15G)
    Equipped 3 Pins at once
  • Kingpin (30G)
    Purchased all Pins
  • Hiccup in the Giddyup (15G)
    Recovered your mental energy with a Dream Fluff
  • PSI Roller (15G)
    Upgraded to the Astral Wallet
  • Fluff Nutter (15G)
    Maxed out your Dream Fluff capacity
  • King of Pop (15G)
    Maxed out your PSI Pop capacity
  • You Otto be in Pictures (15G)
    Purchased all Otto Shot Filters
  • Shutterbug (15G)
    Took a photo with the Otto Shot
  • Fine Tuning (15G)
    Tuned in to a Stray Thought
  • Nest Egg (15G)
    Completely filled your Astral Wallet
  • Take a Lickin’ (15G)
    Consumed a PSI Pop to restore some mental energy
  • Core Strength (15G)
    Combined PSI Cards with a PSI Core at the Otto-Matic
  • Objection! (15G)
    Threw a Judge’s gavel back at him
  • TK-O (15G)
    TK threw an object to stun an enemy
  • Duck, Duck, Goose (15G)
    Found the real Panic Attack during his Phantom attack
  • Shared Regret (15G)
    Threw a Regret’s anvil at another enemy
  • Pyromania (15G)
    Pyro’d 3 enemies at once
  • I’m always here for you, darling! (15G)
    Talked to Milla in her Office
  • Forgot My Keys (15G)
    Revisited a brain through the Collective Unconsious
  • Making Peace (15G)
    Returned to where it all started

Pyschonauts 2 is available today on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It is also free with Xbox Game Pass.