PUBG: Best Places to Drop on Deston

Drop hot in Deston.

by Noah Nelson


PUBG just got a brand new map called Deston. If you are brand new to the game, after completing the AI Training Drills, you’ll be able to launch into Deston. If you don’t see it available yet, that is because the new 18.2 Patch Notes launch on July 13 for PC and July 21 for consoles. Though there is a lot to cover, this guide will focus on the best places to drop in the new PUBG map called Deston.

Best Places to Drop on Deston

Deston is absolutely massive and features a flooded metropolis, a swampland, a wind farm island, a paintball course, and much more. The west side of the map features a mountainous terrain with little POIs to explore, the south side of the map has a beautiful coastline with some mini towns to grab loot from, and the center of the map has a hodge-podge of consturction sites, mansions, and towns to explore.


There are several great places to drop in Deston. Of course, you should try to see every corner of this map because it is all beautiful, well-crafted, and filled with different places. Some of the best places to check out are the Concert where live music is playing, the Hydroelectric Dam, the Assembly where wind turbines are made, and the paintball course at Arena.

The best places to drop in Deston are Ripton, Buxley, Cavala, and Los Arcos. If you are looking to drop hot and score some great loot off the bat, these POIs are the place to be. There are tons of buildings that provide cover, a place to hide, and a place to grab loot in each one of these places. Until you’ve found a perfect drop zone for you, these are gonna be the best drop zones in Deston.

The worse place to drop in Deston is anywhere in the Swamp as it is very open and has very little loot. You also don’t want to drop anywhere that is too mountainous in the west for the same reasons; very little cover and very little loot.

The secret best drop in Deston so far is the Lodge. Lodge is the biggest building ever built in PUBG and features an underground bunker. There is tons of great loot to grab here and tons of PUBG lore too.

There are new weapons, new vehicles, and zip lines in PUBG, so for an update on all of this and more, check out our PUBG page.

PUBG is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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