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Resident Evil 3 – Hello, Charlie! Bobblehead Locations, Where are the Bobbleheads

Don't lose your brain hunting these collectibles down.

by Brandon Adams


Much like Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 3 has a bunch of bobbleheads stashed away, and it’s on you to find all twenty of them. Yep, there are twenty Hello, Charlie! bobbleheads hidden away in Raccoon City, but there is a trick or two to finding them.

Bobbleheads in Resident Evil 3 can be detected by a faint rattling sound.

I have a complete list of all the bobbleheads further down in this article, but it’s chalk-full of spoilers. For those of you out there who would like to hunt down the Hello, Charlie! bobbleheads for yourself I have a couple of general tips that will help.

First, each bobblehead is tucked away in a location that is easy to see, yet also easy to overlook. They won’t be up and away in the highway rafters, or far off in the distance: each bobblehead will be within spitting distance of Jill or Carlos.

Second, keep your ears open for a clicky rattling sounds. Whenever you are near a bobblehead it will, well, bobble! You will want to stand still to hear them however, because the sound they make is similar to the sound Jill and Carlos’ equipment makes while they’re moving.

There are twenty total, and they are evenly spread out across the game. Once you pop one with a weapon or your knife the game will auto-save your progress, and you can track how many you have found via the Records menu once you have beaten the game once. They will not reappear in subsequent playthroughs, unless you start a new game under a new account.

I’m about to go into the full list below, so if you don’t wanna be spoiled you wanna move on after this paragraph. The first few photos are from the area we saw in the demo, so they aren’t too bad, but scroll further down at your own rist. Okay, ready?

Complete list of all Hello, Charlie! bobbleheads in Resident Evil 3.

I’ll keep this simple: each entry starts with a photo of the bobblehead, followed by a description of where it was found. So, starting with number one…


  • 1: After Carlos saves you DO NOT go through the door he kicks down – head back upstairs to street level and look between the magazine racks.


  • 2: Drugstore storage racks near safe


  • 3: Moon’s Donuts on the far right shelf next to microwave


  • 4: Toy store Mega-Man display (need lockpick; can’t shoot through window)


  • 5: Kite Bros subway company office, under desk on the left of panel with donuts on it


  • 6: Subway Power Substation Control Room on top of cabinet across from door leading out of safe room.


  • 7: Sewer tunnels outside the lab, on the bottom-right of the impassable grate.


  • 8: Sewers lower waterway after opening the door with the battery. Head up the stairs then look behind and above you to see it resting above the light.


  • 9: After entering the house from the alleyway (using Kendo’s key) directly ahead of you on a shelf next to the vacuum.


  • 10: RPD Courtyard on the planter (head under the walkway, and to the left of the yellow-tape crate).


  • 11: RPD Safety Depost Room in the far back left corner, on the top of a shelf.


  • 12: Subway tunnels after you leave the dilapidated shelter safe room, in the second room on the right under the bench.


  • 13: Clock Tower Plaza before the bridge, behind the green S.T.A.R.S. van next to a crate.


  • 14: Spencer Memorial Hospital, in the hallway after Reception, found on a gurney next to the door leading to Lab Reception.


  • 15: Spencer Memorial Hospital, after reaching the roof directly to your left. Next to the door on an AC stand.


  • 16: Spencer Memorial Hospital, immediately to the left after entering the far left door into the Sickroom in a trashcan.


  • 17: Underground entrance, on the forklift right before heading down.


  • 18: In the underground warehouse while looking for fuses on a shelf to the left, after shimming through the bays near the red herb.


  • 19: In NEST 2, go out on the balcony of the vaccine lab and look left to find it in a corner.


  • 20: In NEST 2, after leaving Lab 1 look down to the left between the crates blocking the hallway.

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- This article was updated on:April 2nd, 2020

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