Resident Evil 3 – How to Get Jewels, How to Solve Jewel Puzzle

Collect all three for fantastic prizes!

by Brandon Adams
Resident Evil 3 - How to Get Jewels, How to Solve Jewel Puzzle

Early in Resident Evil 3 Jill will find herself in downtown Raccoon City, where she’s tasked with bringing power back to the subway. Before leaving the subway safe room you may have noticed a strange memorial of sorts that you can place jewels in. Well, while out and about in downtown Raccoon City you’ll find some fancy little ornate boxes, and they’ll have the jewels you are looking for.

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There are three jewels scattered about downtown Raccoon City.

I’ll be upfront here: this isn’t really a puzzle, though it may appear that way. To grab every item the memorial is offering you simply need to grab the three jewels squirreled away within downtown Raccoon City. Their locations aren’t hard to access, but you’ll need both the lock-pick and the chain-cutters to grab two of them. Also bear in mind that you can’t really complete this once you return to the subway station after restoring power, so get these jewels before you energize the grid.

The first jewel box can be found rather easily. Just head to the World Donuts shop and hook a left to find the safe room. Once inside the box will be directly in front of you. To grab the jewel you need to “Examine” the box from your inventory – doing so will provide a button prompt to open the box and extract the jewel.


The second jewel can be grabbed immediately after you grab the chain-cutters. Just double back from the safe room into the main street, next to the toy shop. Across from it you’ll see a supermarket that has been chained up. Go to the entrance, cut the chains, and find the second box on the counter.


The third jewel in Resident Evil 3 is in the toy shop, but you’ll need the lock-pick to get inside. You’ll grab this once you reach the power plant, downstairs before entering the flea hive. Do note: this jewel will be easier to grab if you run back before restoring power, otherwise you’ll have a friend to deal with. Just return to the main street, crack open the lock, and find the jewel box on the counter.


You don’t need all three jewels on-hand to start claiming the rewards from the subway memorial, so if you find yourself low on inventory space you can always go slot a jewel in. There are three rewards – one for each jewel:

  • 1: A Grenade
  • 2: Tactical Stock for Shotgun
  • 3: Hip Pouch

That’s all there is to the “Jewel Puzzle.” You simply collect the jewels and plug-em in. I know that’s not very exciting, but the hip pouch and stock for the shotgun are pretty damn handy to have in Resident Evil 3.

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- This article was updated on April 2nd, 2020

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