Resident Evil 3 Hip Pouch Locations – How to Expand your Inventory

Where are all the hip pouches

by Kyle Hanson

While undead zombies and massive hulking monstrosities are the biggest foes in Resident Evil 3, the toughest challenge is the inventory. As the series tradition dictates, you start the game with a paltry amount of inventory space, expanding it as you go. But to do this you have to find all the hip pouches in the game. Some of them are obvious, while others are tucked away pretty well. We’re going to show you where all of them are and break down how to get to them. Here’s how to expand your inventory in Resident Evil 3.

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How to Expand your Inventory

There are six chances to expand your inventory throughout Resident Evil 3’s remake. Two are available for Carlos with the other four for Jill Valentine, who starts the game with almost no real inventory space. To expand it you need to find all the hip pouches, scattered across the Raccoon City map. Each time you pick up a new hip pouch you gain two new slots to store items. Let’s break down where they all are, with the map screen for each location.

Hip Pouch Locations

Below are all the map screens showing where to get the hip pouches.


Subway Station – Solve the jewel puzzle to get it


Control Room – In the safe room outside the Subway Power Station


Sewer Security Room – Use the battery pack to open the door


RPD West Office Safe – Enter combo to open.


Hospital Lobby – In side room that opens during siege


Hospital Underground Office – Found in safe room

And that’s all the hip pouch locations. Find them all to get the biggest available inventory space in Resident Evil 3 Remake. You’ll still have to balance which weapons you bring along and which you will leave behind. But having more room to carry things can make everything a whole lote easier.

- This article was updated on April 3rd, 2020