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Resident Evil 3 – How to Get Moderator for the Handgun

Do more frequent critical damage.

by Diego Perez


Resident Evil 3 is much more action-focused than its predecessor, and as such, there are tons of attachments that enhance and upgrade the various weapons Jill and Carlos carry. The Moderator is one such attachment, a suppressor for Jill’s G19 handgun that increases the chance of dealing critical damage to enemies. It’s a missable attachment, and if you don’t know how to get it, you probably won’t come across it during your playthrough. Obtaining it involves fighting Nemesis when you don’t need to, and in a game like Resident Evil where most people try to hoard ammo and supplies, a lot of people will elect to run from Nemesis rather than fight him when possible. This is how to get the Moderator suppressor attachment for the handgun in Resident Evil 3.

How to Get the Moderator Suppressor Attachment in Resident Evil 3

The Moderator suppressor for Jill’s G19 Handgun can be obtained very early in Resident Evil 3, but it involves a fight with Nemesis in order to acquire it. In Resident Evil 3, you can force Nemesis to relinquish an item by dealing enough damage to him and forcing him to take a knee when he’s pursuing you. This can’t be done during the scripted Nemesis boss fights, but any segment where he’s just chasing you should be fair game. The Moderator is one of these items that Nemesis can drop, but you’ll have to get him to drop some other things first. The Extended Magazine attachment tends to be the first item Nemesis relinquishes, so you’ll have to get that first before you can get the Moderator. In our first playthrough, the Moderator was the second item we got Nemesis to relinquish, but in subsequent playthroughs, other items dropped in its stead. Still, if you force Nemesis to give up an item enough times, you’re bound to get it eventually.

Nemesis starts relinquishing items after restoring power to the substation very early in the game, and you can get your first Nemesis item when he shows up shortly after the substation segment. Getting him to relinquish an item can be finicky, as he doesn’t always drop something when he goes down, and the items he drops tend to vary. Regardless, there are tons of other weapon attachments to earn in Resident Evil 3, with some tucked away in safes and lockers and others that are obtained through other methods.


- This article was updated on:April 2nd, 2020

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