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Resident Evil 3 – RPD Locker Room Locker Combination

Grab an extra item.

by Diego Perez


Resident Evil 3 features a return to the Raccoon City Police Department, only this time you’re in control of Carlos Oliveira rather than rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy. Still, the eerie halls of the RPD building remain largely the same, so you’ll be able to quickly find your way around if you played the last game. Not only is the layout the same, but also the placement of safes and lockers. In the limited section of the department you’re able to able to explore, there are quite a few things to open, containing helpful equipment and upgrades for Carlos and his gear. One locker you’ll come across early on is in the second-floor locker room, and it requires a three-letter combination to unlock. This is how to unlock the RPD locker room locker in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Resident Evil 3 RPD Locker Room Locker Combination

The locker in the locker room actually retains the same combination it had in Resident Evil 2, so if you played that game, the combination will seem familiar. You’ll find the combination clearly written on a whiteboard in large letters on the first floor of the RPD building, just as it was in Resident Evil 2. If you’d rather unlock the locker without hunting for the combination, then the combination is CAP. Inside, you’ll find a flash grenade. Flash grenades are immensely helpful for clearing large groups of zombies, and the loud burst of sound upon their detonation will disorient the few lickers you encounter during your time in the RPD.

This locker isn’t the only thing you’ll have to unlock in the RPD section of Resident Evil 3. The locker just up the stairs on the third floor returns from Resident Evil 2, as does the safe in the West Office that contains a hip pouch for Carlos.

- This article was updated on:April 2nd, 2020

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