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Resident Evil Village Angel Mask Locations: Where to Find Mask of Sorrow, Joy, Rage, and Pleasure

Explore Castle Dimitrescu to find the four angel masks.

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Once you make your way inside Castle Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village, you’ll find four mysterious angel statues in the Hall of the Four. Each angel has a slot where their head should be, and a sign on the nearby locked door reads “Mask the angels’ blinded gaze and only then you will be saved.” This locked door just so happens to be the exit, so this puzzle is mandatory if you want to survive. Each angel requires a different mask, so you’re going to have to find the Mask of Sorrow, Mask of Joy, Mask of Rage, and Mask of Pleasure to escape the halls of Castle Dimitrescu. Here’s where to find all four angel masks in Resident Evil Village.

How to Get the Mask of Sorrow


The first mask is pretty easy to find. You’re basically forced to find it, kickstarting the scavenger hunt for the other three masks. Play through the Castle Dimitrescu section of the game normally. You’ll take down one of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters in a short boss fight, get the Courtyard Key to access the outdoor area of the castle, and then solve the puzzle in the Hall of Ablution. All of this eventually culminates in a chase sequence with Lady Dimitrescu in the castle’s dungeon, and the Mask of Sorrow is waiting at the end of it. Once you take it, you’re free to explore the castle at your own leisure, but Lady Dimitrescu will stalk you from now on.

How to Get the Mask of Joy


The Mask of Joy is located in the Hall of Joy. To get there, use Dimitrescu’s Key to unlock the door in the Courtyard. This leads you to the Opera Hall. Solve the piano puzzle to get the Iron Insignia Key, and then use that key on the locked door upstairs to access the Library. The second Dimitrescu sister will attack you in there, but it’s another short boss fight. Pull the lever on one of the pillars to open the skylight and let the cold in, leaving her vulnerable to attack. After taking care of her, proceed to the Hall of Joy and collect the Mask of Joy from the statue.

How to Get the Mask of Rage


The Mask of Rage is located in the Tower of Rage, which can only be accessed via zipline from the Belfry. This means you’ll have to take a trip across Castle Dimitrescu’s rooftops. It sounds like a daunting task, but it’s actually a simple linear path that you have to follow. From the Hall of Joy, take the new door to enter the Atelier. Here, you have to solve the bell puzzle by shooting 5 hidden bells in the room to open a secret passage. This secret pathway takes you upstairs to the attic where you’ll find the F2 Sniper Rifle. When you’re ready, continue forward out of the Attic and onto the rooftops. The rooftops are linear, so just keep heading straight. Eventually, you’ll take a short staircase up to the Belfry where you can take a zipline to the Tower of Rage. Take the Mask of Rage from the statue and take the elevator to get back inside.

How to Get the Mask of Pleasure


The Mask of Pleasure is located in the Hall of Pleasure on the second floor of Castle Dimitrescu. Use Dimitrescu’s Key to access the hallway connecting the second floor of the Main Hall and the Hall of Pleasure. The Mask of Pleasure will be right inside sitting on a statue, but picking it up will cause a gate to block the way you came in. The only way out is to crawl through the fireplace, but be ready for a fight.

The crawlspace takes you to the Armory, where the last of Dimitrescu’s daughters will ambush you in a boss battle. There’s a crack in the stone wall with some cold wind blowing in. There are also a bunch of pipe bombs on the table in the corner, so put two and two together and toss a pipe bomb at the weak part of the wall. This will let the cold air in, making the girl vulnerable to your weapons.  At this point, just shoot her a few times until she dies. Then, grab the Mounted Animal Skull above the fireplace and head back to the Hall of Pleasure.


The Mounted Animal Skull will help you exit the Hall of Pleasure, but you have to inspect it in your inventory first for it to be of any use. Flip it over and unscrew it from the wood it was mounted to. This will leave you with a normal animal skull, which you can then place in the same slot where you found the Mask of Pleasure. This will fool the trap into raising the gate, so now you can just leave normally. With all four masks in hand, head back to the Hall of the Four.

Which Masks Go Where?

When you have all four masks in your possession, all you have to do is place them on the right angel statues to unlock the door leading to the Tower of Worship. From left to right, the correct masks are Sorrow, Pleasure, Joy, and Rage. It shouldn’t take you too long to place all four masks in the right spots, but keep an eye out for Lady Dimitrescu just in case. If she appears, just duck into the safe room and you’ll be fine. Don’t forget to save at the typewriter after you place the masks too.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

- This article was updated on:May 9th, 2021

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