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Resident Evil Village Necklace with Two Holes: What Items Do You Need to Combine?

This necklace is worth a fortune, but only when completed.

by Diego Perez


Once you get the Well Wheel in Resident Evil Village, you can pull up a Necklace with Two Holes from the well outside the village’s church. This is a valuable time on its own, but it’s also a combinable item, meaning you can add other things to it in order to increase its sell price. If you want to make as much Lei as possible from this item, you’re going to have to fill those two holes by combining the necklace with two other items. Here’s what you need to combine with the Necklace with Two Holes in Resident Evil Village.

What Do You Need to Combine with the Necklace with Two Holes in Resident Evil Village?

The Necklace with Two Holes requires two items in order to be fully completed: the Pigeon Blood Ruby and the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby. When you fill the two slots on the necklace, you’ll learn that it’s actually Lady Dimitrescu’s Necklace. The Duke will buy this rare item from you for 50,000 Lei, so it’s definitely worth the effort to gather all the pieces.

While you can find the necklace immediately after obtaining the Well Wheel, you won’t be able to obtain the gems you need to combine with it until you obtain the Crank from Moreau’s Reservoir. This is the third area of the game, available after surviving House Beneviento.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Location

The first gem that fits into the necklace is the Pigeon Blood Ruby. It’s located in the East Old Town section of the village, an area of town you’ve passed through before. One of the houses has a gate behind it that requires the Crank to open. Once you unlock that gate, you’ll find a ladder leading up to a ridge.


After you climb the ladder, continue along the ridge until you see a body on top of a shed. Drop down to that roof and open the fancy box sitting next to the corpse. Inside is the Pigeon Blood Ruby, the first step in completing the Necklace with Two Holes. While both things are worth a fair amount of Lei on their own, hang onto both of them until you find the second gem. The completed necklace sells for way more.

Large Pigeon Blood Ruby Location

The Large Pigeon Blood Ruby also requires the Crank to obtain. To find it, start at the Altar. From there, head west toward the Ceremony Site. In between the two locations is a river. When you reach the river, look to your right and you’ll see a raised drawbridge. Use the crank to lower the bridge and reach the dock across the water.


Take the boat up the river until you find a dock next to another raised drawbridge. Dock the boat, get out, and use the Crank to lower the bridge. You may recognize this area as the place you ended up after beating Lady Dimitrescu. You may also remember seeing a well here that you couldn’t do anything with because you didn’t have the Well Wheel yet. Cross the now lowered bridge and enter the Craftsman’s Hut. Save at the typewriter for good measure, and then hop out the back window and use the Well Wheel on the well. This will bring up a ladder. Use that to climb down the well into a secret room below Castle Dimitrescu.

Once inside, you’ll see a bunch of hanging platforms. You can actually climb these if they’re not too high up. Climb up the lowest platform and then continue climbing until you reach a ledge with a control panel. Turn all the lights green to raise all the platforms.


With all the platforms raised, cross the platforms to the ledge across the room and you’ll find a cart. Push it forward so you can reach the minecart on the middle platform, and then push the minecart off the platform once you can reach it. This will create a platform that lets you reach the ledge with the breakable box. Next to that box is a hole. Drop down the hole and open the fancy box to obtain the Large Pigeon Blood Ruby.

With the necklace and both gems in your possession, you can now combine all three items to complete the Necklace with Two Holes. Just open your inventory, navigate to the Treasures tab, and then select combine. When combined, the necklace is revealed to be Dimitrescu’s Necklace. The Duke will buy it for 50,000 Lei, making it one of the more valuable treasures in the game.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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