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Resident Evil Village: Where to Go After Beating Lady Dimitrescu

Many players get stuck here, but there's a simple solution.

by Diego Perez


Many Resident Evil Village players find themselves stuck after beating Lady Dimitrescu because they cannot figure out how to unlock a door that is preventing them from moving forward. Doors in Resident Evil Village usually require some sort of key or are involved in some sort of elaborate puzzle, but this door just has a simple padlock on it. The only other things in the area are a raised drawbridge and a house with a typewriter in it. You can’t go back into the Castle after defeating Lady Dimitrescu, but there’s also seemingly no way forward. Here’s where to go after beating Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

Where to Go After Beating Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village

After beating Lady Dimitrescu, you’ll find yourself in an outdoor area. There’s a small building with a typewriter inside, a raised drawbridge, and a locked metal door. There’s seemingly no way forward, but there’s actually a very simple solution: shoot the lock on the door.


Prior to this point, locked doors have required keys or some sort of puzzle to open, but it seems like this is a much more straightforward lock. Many players get stuck here because the game hasn’t forced them to shoot a lock to progress at this point in the game, but yes, you can actually shoot some locks to open doors if they look like this one. The splash of yellow color is what differentiates this lock from others. It’s the same color that marks interactable objects like switches and wells, and it’s the same color on smashable crates.

Once you shoot the lock on the door, you can proceed through the dark cave tunnels. You won’t be able to head back to Castle Dimitrescu using the route once you pass through the tunnel. You’ll find yourself back in the village and you’ll also get the Winged Key, opening up more of the area for exploration. If you didn’t use the typewriter, don’t worry, another one appears shortly after you emerge from the other side of the tunnel. The Duke will also be there if you need to do some shopping.

Since you’ve gained several new keys in your time at Castle Dimitrescu, make sure to explore the village thoroughly and open any locked doors that you couldn’t get into at the start of the game. You can also use the Iron Insignia key to get the Well Wheel now, which will allow you to pull items out of those wells you’ve been seeing around the village.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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