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Resident Evil Village House Beneviento Guide: How to Solve the Doll Puzzle

Each of the doll's parts is a hint.

by Diego Perez


House Beneviento is one of the creepiest locations in Resident Evil Village, and the doll puzzle is the central mystery of this strange house. There’s not a lot of combat in this section of the game. It’s mostly just puzzle solving and running around in the dark, which is made even worse by the fact that the house is crammed with creepy dolls at every corner. Still, this is one of the best sections in all of Resident Evil Village, and the doll puzzle is one of the most intricate and multilayered puzzles in the whole game. Here’s how to solve the doll puzzle in Resident Evil Village.

How to Solve the Doll Puzzle in Resident Evil Village

The first step in solving the doll puzzle is to examine every part of the doll. First, check the doll’s mouth. There’s something stuck inside, but you can’t do anything with that for now, so just take a look at hand instead and pull the Blood Covered Ring off the mannequin’s finger. Then, remove the left leg to get the Winding Key. Next, examine the left shoulder to obtain the Silver Key. There are other parts of the doll you can remove and inspect, but you don’t need those right now. Use the Silver Key to unlock the door to the Medicine Room on the left side of the room.


Once inside, turn on the sink and use it to clean the Blood Covered Ring. This reveals the item to be a Wedding Ring. If you inspect the ring, you’ll see a code engraved on the inside: 05-29-11. This is the combination that unlocks the double doors to the main hallway. Head into the hallway and continue until a door automatically opens on your left. This will take you into a room with a Music Box.

Solving the Music Box Puzzle

Solving the music box puzzle is fairly straightforward. All the parts are out of order, so it won’t play the song correctly. To solve the puzzle, all you have to do is line the parts up in the right order. It seems complicated at first, but all you really need to do is pay attention to the scratches on each part. Just match the lines together and you’ll get it in no time. You can see the solution to the puzzle below.


Once you successfully make the music box play, a compartment will open revealing Tweezers. You can use these to pull the item out of the doll’s mouth. Head back to the Doll Workshop and use the Tweezers to retrieve Film from the mannequin’s mouth. With the Film in hand, go back down the hallway and go past the Storage Room into the Study.

Solving the Film Puzzle

Examine the hanging film reels and add the final reel to the group. Now you have to put each strip in the right order. Thankfully, there’s a hint right next to the film, but you won’t need that. Here’s the right order for each film strip.

  1. Stuffed animals
  2. Village of Shadows book
  3. Rose
  4. Music box
  5. Hand


Once you have everything in order, play the movie and a secret passageway will open. Crawl inside and you’ll find some bandages blocking your way. You’re in luck though, because there are some Scissors right next to them that you can use to cut your way through. Return to the Doll Workshop and use the Scissors to cut the bandages on the doll’s chest, revealing the Brass Medallion. Now you have everything you need to open the locked door with the symbols.

How to Open the Symbols Door in House Beneviento

With the Brass Medallion in your possession, you can finally open the door. Before you do though, it’s a good idea to take one last look at the doll. Check the right arm to see a strange symbol with three closed eyes, and then check the eye to see an image of a bird. You’ll need these to open the door. Place the Brass Medallion into the depression. Then change the bottom symbol to match the closed eyes from the mannequin’s arm and the left symbol to match the bird from the doll’s eye.


This will open the door and grant you access to the Old Well. At the bottom of the Well is the Breaker Box Key. Pick it up and return to the doll. All the lights will be shut off, and once you enter the hallway, a giant screaming baby monster will begin to stalk you through the halls of House Beneviento. Thankfully, this creature isn’t a huge threat and you can get out of this section in a few minutes.

Escaping the Baby Monster

Your first priority is opening the breaker box with the key, so you need to get back to the elevator by the Study. The baby will be blocking the path through the main hallway when you first meet it, so you need to immediately turn around and run back into the Doll Workshop. From there, go into the Medicine Room and use the secret passage to enter the Study. If you don’t hear crying nearby, it’s safe to head out to the elevator and open the breaker box using the key. Inside, you’ll find the Relief of a Child.


This will open the final locked door on this floor of the house. It’s between the Study and Medicine Room, so just use the secret passage after you get the Relief of a Child from the breaker box. Once you unlock this door, you’ll be able to access the Kitchen and Bedroom. You’ll need the Fuse from the Bedroom, but the baby will be blocking your only exit after you pick it up. Don’t worry though, it’s a baby, it’s dumb. Just get its attention, lead it to the bedroom, hide under the bed before it can get there, and then just make a run for it once you can slip by it.

Once you make it past the baby, make a break for the breaker box by the elevator. There’s only one route you can take there, so it’s just a race between you and the baby. Place the fuse in the breaker box and call the elevator. Naturally, it takes a while for the doors to open, so you may need to juke the baby one last time. Run into the study and dance around the desk to buy yourself time. When it’s safe, get on the elevator and get back upstairs. At this point, you’re done with the puzzles in House Beneviento, and it’s time for the boss battle on the main floor.

Resident Evil Village is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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