Reverse 1999 Chapter 1 Answers: Schneider Sisters, Matilda’s School Report, Incredible Unicorn, & Critter in a Coma

Every Chapter 1 answer in Reverse: 1999.

by Diego Perez
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Completing optional Trails is a great way to earn Clear Drops and Unilogs in Reverse: 1999, and Chapter 1 is full of them. This guide will show you all of the answers to clear your map in the game’s first chapter.

All Chapter 1 Trail Answers in Reverse: 1999

While each story mission has optional Trails in Reverse: 1999, a few of them require you to input text and pay attention to dialogue and cutscenes to learn the answers.

Completing these Trails by inputting the correct answers will net you some Clear Drops that will put you one step closer to your next pull.

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Incredible Unicorn

Sotheby’s mansion has thousands of artifacts. What is the thing with one horn hung high above her hall that always gazes at people?

The answer is Quiet Ravenheart.

Matilda’s School Report

This sheet is a school report and the signature block says “Matilda Bouanich.” The score has been blackened on purpose, and you can only see a jotting: “The number of points I need to reach full marks is exactly the number implied by h-h-her name. Why? Why?!” So what is Matilda Bouanich’s score?

The answer is 86.

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The Critter in a Coma

You’ll get an answer from it. Do pay attention to lies. Many creatures are skilled liars.

You can get Truth Serum from a Trail in 1-11.

How Many Older Sisters Does Schnieder Have?

Schneider’s parents are still alive and have raised many daughters. How many older sisters does she have?

The answer is 12.

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Those are all the Trail answers for Chapter 1 in Reverse: 1999! Remember that these Trails will only appear on the map if you have the corresponding chapter selected. The remaining Trails for this chapter involve brief battles or small snippets of dialogue, so you won’t need to input any answers to claim those rewards. There are more questions like these that pop up in Reverse: 1999’s later chapters, so pay close attention to the cutscenes and dialogue to learn more about the game’s cast of characters.

- This article was updated on October 27th, 2023

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