Reverse 1999 Chapter 2 Answers: Self-Defense Guide, Tiny Key, and Garden Key

Earn free Clear Drops by completing these Chapter 2 Trails in Reverse: 1999.

by Diego Perez
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Just like in the first chapter of Reverse: 1999, Chapter 2 has multiple Trails with questions that need answering if you want to get as many free Clear Drops as possible. This guide will show you all of the answers to clear your map in Reverse: 1999 Chapter 2.

All Chapter 2 Trail Answers in Reverse: 1999

There are a few Trails that require keys and a few that require you to solve puzzles during Reverse: 1999’s second story chapter.

Completing these Trails is an easy way to earn some bonus Clear Drops so you can pull on limited banners and earn powerful characters like Regulus before they disappear.

Tiny Key

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The Tiny Key is obtained after clearing story mission 2-15 at the end of the chapter. Once you’ve collected the key, return to 2-3 and select the Trail to use the key.

Self-Defense Guide

This puzzle requires you to move the critter to the end of the path, hitting every destination along the way while avoiding every obstacle. Here’s the solution:

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Garden Key

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The Garden Key is obtained by completing story mission 2-12 near the end of the chapter. Once you’ve obtained the key, just head back down the timeline to 2-6 so you can complete this Trails and earn some free Clear Drops.

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That’s all of the tricky Trails in Chapter 2 of Reverse: 1999! If you haven’t noticed by now, these puzzles are going to keep popping up as you continue through the game’s main story. Usually you can find keys for Trails that require them in future story missions, but you’ll need to pay attention to dialogue and cutscenes in order to answer the questions and fill in any blanks you come across. Thankfully, the rewards are well worth the effort.

- This article was updated on October 27th, 2023

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