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Rise of the Tomb Raider Guide: Opening The Entrance To Kiezth (Orrery Puzzle)

by Damian Seeto


Opening the entrance to Kiezth is a bit tricky when you first look at it, but it’s not too hard once you know what to do. You just need to know which pieces to move and where to climb as well. Using Lara Croft’s survival instinct helps a lot because the gold pieces show you where you have to go to next.

First of all, shoot an arrow to one of the spheres and pull it. This allows you to cross on the top of the beam. Walk across it. Next you want to grab onto the wall. If it’s not in position for you, use your arrow so that the wall is facing you so you can grab onto it.

The next step, you have another sphere to use the arrow on. You have to position this beam to the right location too. You may have to drop back down to the main center platform to shoot at it. You cannot shoot arrows while you are balancing on top of a beam. You have to pull this sphere multiple times so that the beam with steel bars is on the right side. This way, you can press the X button to grapple to the next stage. You should land on top of the next beam.

Once you are on the next beam, take a look. You cannot move on because that beam needs to be in position. So go back to the main center platform so that the wall is facing towards Lara Croft. Use the arrow to pull the sphere twice to get it into position. After that, you can climb on board to the next level. In the middle, there is a plank you need to push as pictured below.


Once you push it into place, go to the left and use the grapple to go to the main center platform. Use the survival instinct a lot in this next stage because it will help you to locate which platforms and beams you need to go on next. When you go to the main platform, walk across and push the next lock on the other side. It’s the same as you did before. When you push this lock, everything starts moving now.

After that, press R3 for the survival instinct. You want grapple on and head to the main center platform. You can press the X button to do this. Once you’ve landed, try and jump towards the flat wall. This is the one where you can grab on to. Once you do that, walk on top to balance on the beam.

When you are on top of the beam, wait until a balance beam is in reach. You want to grab on to that next. Time your jump carefully because you will die if you don’t time it right. The next step is tricky because you have to press B to drop onto a skinny beam below. Lara Croft will give you a prompt when she shouts “now”.

While walking across the new beam, the flat wall should be approaching you. Grab on and reach the top of the beam again. Your goal now is the middle pillar of the room. Wait till the beam rotates so you are in a good position again. Don’t be impatient during this section because you will fall off.

After you have grabbed into the middle pillar, climb to the top. It’s pretty straightforward from this point onward. There’s a rotating bridge at the end. Just wait until it takes you to the door and you are done.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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