Roblox Nikeland: How to Get Free Avatar Items (Cap and Backpack)

Roblox and Nike's crossover world

by Gordon Bicker


Roblox players will be thrilled to know that they can yet again get new customization items for free. The latest experience by outside sources to be included within the game is by none other than Nike who has released an official Roblox world to enjoy and explore. There is a vast array of activities to take part in within the game and there is of course a great focus on fun physical activity virtually. Players who want to kit themselves out in Nike gear will be able to get free avatar items, specifically a cap and backpack for free. This guide article will discuss how to get the free items.

How to get the Roblox Nikeland Cap and Backpack

Firstly, boot up Roblox Nikeland through this link or by your usual other methods and venture through the world, along the racetrack and towards the main building. Once you have made it to the main building, turn to the right and go onto the top platform of the descending staircase. You will see a ‘Showroom’ in the background as shown below.


Now that you can see the showroom, walk over to it and at the entrance, there will be a ‘coach’. Talk to the coach by holding E and once you have spoken to them you will receive the Nikeland Cap and Backpack both for free. While you are in the world, be sure to take part in unlocking ‘sports superpowers’ and you can even use super abilities such as long jumps and speed runs in the game world.

Furthermore, the free rewards don’t stop with just the backpack and cap, there are also two codes you can input to receive rewards. This adds to the numerous other games that have codes in Roblox.

What The Nikeland Codes Are and How to Input Them

The Nikeland codes for you to use are as follows:

  • firstlap
  • smile

These are the codes available at the time of writing with another one being added when the world reaches 20,000 likes. In order to receive the rewards, simply press the ‘promo’ button at the left-hand side of the screen and type in the codes exactly as they are shown in this article. The code ‘firstlap’ will give you one running track and the ‘smile’ code will give you avatar customization options with these being the ‘Cute Smiley’ and the ‘Winking Smiley’.

Nikeland is another example of outside brands and industries wanting to generate interest in their products or experiences by using the platform as a way of what can be seen as enjoyable marketing. Twenty One Pilots recently had hosted a concert in Roblox with great success and players flocked to take part in the festivities. It really goes to show that the community is always excited and open to receiving new experiences through the form of outside sources.

Will you be using these promo codes and getting the free rewards in Nikeland this month?

Roblox is available now to play on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, IOS, and Android.

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