RoCitizens Codes for Roblox(September 2022)

RoCitizen players will need to hurry up if they want to redeem any of these codes.

by Carlos Hurtado


Are you still looking for some codes for RoCitizens? Because if you are, then you came into the right place. This open-world game has players exploring the city while working at jobs, doing quests for townspeople, meeting with other players, driving their vehicles, and more. Luckily for players, the developers decided to give them a small gift, so fans can keep cruising around town with their favorite vehicles and clothes.

RoCitizens is one of the many games on Roblox that allows its player base to get free redeemable codes. Letting players get the items and bonuses they need without expending premium currency. This is becoming a standard practice among Roblox developers, and it has brought a lot of joy to all the players that get to take advantage of free bonuses like this.

Currently, RoCitizens has gathered over 500 million visits, 1 million likes, and over a thousand players on their servers. The game has managed to gather a lot of players and a steady player base since its release back in 2013, and code offers like this is one of the many resources developers apply to keep their communities alive and entertained.

RoCitizens Codes for Roblox

  • goodneighbor – $2,500 and an Amazing Group Trophy.
  • sweettweets – $2,500 and a Twitter Award.
  • truefriend – $4,000 and a Pet Rock.
  • rosebud – $3,000.
  • code – $10 Cash.
  • easteregg – $1,337.

How to Redeem RoCitizens Codes

To redeem any of the codes we just shared in this article, you will need to follow the next steps.

  • Launch RoCitizens.
  • After all the game’s assets have loaded in, you need to click on a green icon on the left side of the screen.
  • After clicking the green icon, a menu will pop up, to get to the redeeming page you will need to scroll down until you find a menu option with a Twitter icon.
  • Hitting the Twitter icon on this menu will allow you to enter and redeem any of the codes.

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Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, iOS, and Android.

- This article was updated on May 4th, 2022

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