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Rocket League Guide: How to Unlock the Warthog on Xbox One

| February 17, 2016

Rocket League Guide: How to Unlock the Warthog on Xbox One GameGuides  Rocket League

After months of waiting, Rocket League is finally available on Xbox One. While it doesn’t offer cross-play, segmenting the game’s community a bit, it does come with some exclusive cosmetic DLC for fans to enjoy. The biggest and best of these is easily the Warthog from Halo, called the “Hogsticker” in the actual game. The car won’t perform too different to others in the game, as that would break the delicate balance that Rocket League sustains itself on, but it does look really, really cool.

The problem for most players is, they have no idea how to unlock it. Thankfully, we figured it out, and it isn’t too difficult; especially if you use our tips. The basics are that you need to win a game with every available car in order to unlock the Warthog in Rocket League. This includes cars you will unlock along the way to the Warthog, so get ready for a lot of matches. However, they don’t all have to be long affairs.

Exhibition matches count as wins, just like online games do. If you want to get the Warthog unlocked quickly you just need to load this up with a single bot set to Rookie and you should have it cleaned up pretty quickly. To make it even easier you can mess with the settings, even putting it so that you win after a single goal.

Do this and get your kick off game down and you should be finishing these matches very quickly. Just be sure to switch to a new car after every win. Against the bots you shouldn’t have a problem with the kick off going into the goal, just boost right at it, then slow down near the end just enough to send the ball over their head and into the goal. Practice a bit and this should become second nature.

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  • Sielanas

    I’ve done this and no unlock. I even have the Armadillo.

    • Kyle Hanson

      You might have missed one of the cars, that’s the only thing I can think of. Check to see how many wins each has by hovering on it in the selection screen (I think, I’m away from the game atm).

      • Sielanas

        Turns out season mode is glitchy, according to Reddit talking about ps4 version. I re-did 2 cars as exhibition and it popped.

    • TheComicSans5

      Do Exhibition instead of Season. To get Armadillo you have to play a full season. (I think 27 weeks or more)

  • Fallen Soldier

    Worked for me. Thanks!

  • Saintssooners89

    How many people are online for x1? I’m curious to see the difference between the pc + ps4, and x1 population #s.

    • Jordan

      30k+ at peak times

      • Saintssooners89

        That’s awesome for only being out a day! Hopefully I can convince my friend to get it on x1 so he can understand my addiction

      • Randy Abern

        I’m on now and it reads 40k+.

        • Jboyko

          58k now

  • Max Mueller

    I did it but no hog do i need the armidillo too?

    • Chubbs

      I unlocked the Warthog without using the Armadillo, so I don’t think you have to

  • Austin taylor

    i’ve done this with all of the cars.. no warthog..

  • Camtron5000

    Is the takumi just a regular unlock?

    • Camtron5000

      I can’t seem to get it.

      • TheComicSans5

        Takumi is a DLC Car I am pretty sure. I’m not sure I am a PC Player. ;3;

    • Nick Walstad

      Just a regular unlock as far as i know. Just keep playing, it will pop up eventually

  • Djaxk

    Do you have to win with the armadillo bc I can’t get it.

    • Nick Walstad

      Beat the season mode to unlock the armadillo

  • bbbrrrruuuuuhhh

    I can’t get the warthog i’ve counted the cars i have, And I’ve one a game with each car and still no unlock. I tried to get the armadillo and I had no unlock is it a glitch or just bad luck

  • bbbrrrruuuuuhhh

    I’ve got 16 cars and 1 win or more on all the cars
    and still no unlock

  • Nick

    You don’t need to win, just score a goal with every car

    • Nick

      I had one car with no goals, I used it and scored and thus the hogsticker ( sidenote) I haven’t one a single match with the merc

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