Rogue Company Gun Tier List: Best Guns in Rogue Company(July 2022)

The best weapons to up your game!

by Elliott Gatica


Rogue Company sports a large number of weapons you’d find to be standard in a shooter game, ranging from snipers, assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, and DMRs. Like any game that has a wide array of weapons, there does tend to be a power ranking of sorts. Which are the best in the game? In this nifty tier list, we’re going to rank every gun in Rogue Company. This list will exclude weapons like pistols and melee weapons.

Rogue Company Gun Tier List

Much like the balance of all the Rogues in the game, there is a mostly fair distribution of power among the majority of the weapons in the game. In any game with stats, there will always be things that may be a bit over or under-tuned, which is why tier lists exist.

Tier Weapons
S-Tier Arbitrator, Tyr, LMP-X, Objection
A-Tier HRM-30KS, Hydra, MLX Mark 4, Nightshade, Sahara, Bishop, D3D-i, Devotion, Mamba, Conviction, MLX Maw, S-12 Tactical, SKL-6, LR15 Fullbody, SL-C
B-Tier KA30, Riptide, MX-R, Striker 8×10, D40-C, 24S, Ibex
C-Tier Arren L2-12, Knight


The reason why these 4 weapons sit prettily above the rest of the guns is from their short time to kill (TTK). The Arbitrator can essentially one-shot players with a point-blank headshot, making it the premier shotgun for camping and defending. Not to mention that it has two bullets in the mag, meaning if you didn’t kill with the first shot, the second one will do so in lightspeed succession. The Tyr is basically the sniper equivalent of that.

As for the SMGs listed in this tier, they also have low TTKs when used optimally. The LMP-X basically has no recoil and has the range of an assault rifle, making it a top-tier choice for SMG-wielding rogues. The Objection, on the other hand, fires so rapidly that it can down a player before they even have time to get a few shots off.


A majority of the guns in the game are pretty solid, putting them right in this tier. They’re all straightforward and have fair stats all across the board. When in the right hands, they can be extremely devastating. There’s also a healthy mix between all the weapon classes in this tier, meaning that there is something for everyone.


The guns in this tier are a bit less powerful than the ones listed above, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t viable. It’s just that their weaknesses are a bit more apparent. These guns have stopping power, but require more skillful play to get the most out of them.



Unfortunately for these weapons, they fall a bit short in terms of performance compared to all other weapons in Rogue Company. The Arren is a highly inferior gun compared to the other DMRs because even with a scope, precision shot kills would be achieved faster with other weapons of the same class. Not to mention, it’s only available to use on Seeker, the weakest character in the game.

As for the Knight SMG, it just doesn’t have a lot going for it. It has the lowest number of rounds per magazine, has a low fire rate, and perhaps the worst range compared to all other SMGs. You’re better off using a pistol in some cases when it comes to a firefight. This gun needs a buff because as of right now, it is not a good pick.

Overall, the selection of guns in the game is solid and stat distributions are mostly fair. Of course with the weapon mastery system in place, there can be some very interesting and overpowered combinations for characters. For example, there’s a very rampant problem regarding Lancer and her use of shotguns. Pair her with an Arbitrator and she is an absolute headache to deal with.

Rogue Company is free to play now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Epic Games and Steam.

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