Rogue Company Tier List: Best Characters in the Game, Ranked(August 2022)

Who sits at the top of the food chain?

by Elliott Gatica


Over a year after going free-to-play, Rogue Company’s roster has nearly doubled, with many balance changes constantly switching the meta. The game has only recently gone out of its beta phase, meaning things are more intact regarding balancing. Perhaps there are a few balance tweaks here and there, but nothing too shifting for the game’s meta. In that case, here is an updated tier list of all the currently available characters in Rogue Company.

Rogue Company Tier List

This tier list is based on the Operation Daybreak update, meaning Juke is the newest character up to this point. The distribution of characters may be a bit surprising compared to previous updates and seasons.

Tier Rogues
S-Tier Anvil, Juke, Lancer, Saint, Sigrid
A-Tier Chaac, Dahlia, Dallas, Dima, Glimpse, Mack, Ronin, Runway, Scorch, Trench, Vy
B-Tier Cannon, Gl1tch, Kestrel, Switchblade, Talon, Umbra
C-Tier Seeker
Variable-Tier Phantom, The Fixer

S-Tier characters

All the characters listed here have a higher likelihood of being the ban pick for ranked play, especially Lancer, Juke, and Sigrid. These three, in particular, are the most annoying characters to deal with. Lancer has extreme flanking potential, high DPS, instant reloads, and life steal. Juke has her turrets which have an absurd range and no real counterplay. Then you have Sigrid who cannot take damage from the front when she pulls her shield out.

As for Anvil and Saint, they’re extremely well at playing defensive roles. Anvil is basically the perfect tank and DPS, making him so hard to deal with at close and medium ranges. Saint, on the other hand, can remotely and instantly revive allies, making you switch up strategies.

A-Tier characters

Nearly a majority of the characters in Rogue Company are A-Tiers. The characters in this selection are perhaps the most balanced and viable in every game mode. They have some kind of great strength but don’t have all avenues covered as the S-Tiers do. Every now and then, some of the characters in this tier are picked as bans in ranked play.


B-Tier characters

These characters are still fairly viable when it comes to high-level play. The only reason why they’re below A-Tier is that they have a more niche approach to how to properly use them. They’re one-trick ponies and excel at what they do, but have more exploitable counterplay compared to the higher tiers.

Take Cannon for example, when he’s not using his turret, he’s just a large target for people to take down. He can’t sustain a lot of suppressive fire once his ability is on cooldown.

The only decent one of the bunch is Kestrel because of her early economy boost based on performance. Stack that with her resupply perk and she can hold her own, always having a gadget and ammo so as long as she’s actively contributing to team performance.

C-Tier character

As it stands right now, Seeker is perhaps the weakest character of the bunch. His playstyle is basically a worse Dallas. Sure, he can detect enemies with his Arrow Scanner, but you have the potential to miss your shot or expose yourself from ADS’ing.

While his passive can be extremely strong when you pair it with his grenade, you only get one with no resupply perk or anything to really strengthen that passive. It’s only his nade and arrow that truly get affected by the passive, which is incredibly and unnoticeably niche. Unless you’re a god at aiming, you can put some work in with him. If not, he’s an easy skip.

Variable-Tier characters

The reason why the sniper characters are in their own dedicated Variable-Tier is because of their kits and contribution to team composition. A good sniper can suppress an entire team, softening up their push for an objective. That would make them easy S-Tiers, but their tiers are dependent on skill.

A bad sniper is essentially one less player, not picking up their weight when it comes to picking opponents out from afar. Not to mention, a sniper who doesn’t pull their weight is an easy target for flankers to take advantage of a free kill.

All in all, while some Rogues definitely need to be nerfed and a select few need buffs, the balance of the game is overall quite solid. Although these tiers are one thing, you can still have the bottom tier, Seeker, come out as MVP in a match. Rogue Company is primarily a shooter and doesn’t take roles all too much into consideration. You can have a team comprised solely of DMR Rogues and wipe the floor against top-tiers.

Rogue Company is free to play now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Epic Games and Steam.

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