Ruined King: Drowned Temple Quest Guide

One of the hardest quests yet, here is how to complete the Drowned Temple quest!

by Noah Nelson


The Drowned Temple quest in Ruined King is similar to The Way is Shut quest, but it has some added challenges. You will need to collect a Sun Disk and a Moon Disk but the puzzles are harder, the enemies are tougher, and the bosses are a lot stronger. Without further adieu, here is how to complete the Drowned Temple quest in Ruined King.

By now, you’re already halfway through the game, but just as a quick refresher, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is a turn-based RPG set in the world of Runeterra. With unique characters, exciting mechanics, and challenging quests, Ruined King, even for people who aren’t into turn-based games, is inviting, rewarding, and fun. If you haven’t checked out our Ruined King guides already, be sure to as they will definitely help you out. You can find things like how to unlock all the skins and how to catch fish among other helpful advice.


How to Get the Sun Disk

Before venturing into the temple, if you want all of the collectibles throughout this area, equip Braum, Pyke, and Illaoi as your party. Once you reach the main chamber, head west towards Revelation’s Walk. There, you will be introduced to the Sun Core puzzle. Continue on towards Halls of Radiance. Here is the first major puzzle of the Drowned Temple quest.

For starters, take the Sun Core out of the first mechanism you see and turn down the room to your left. Put the Sun Core on the mechanism that is on the moving platform and shift the platform’s position all the way to the right. With that done, a secret door will reveal a second Sun Core. Shift the moving platform back to the left and then get the second Sun Core.


Place the second Sun Core on the central mechanism in the main room and rotate it so it shines down the left room. In the left room, bounce the light to the other two mechanisms and shoot it back out the middle corridor. As you return to the main room, the light should be shining on both mechanisms in the center of the room. Rotate them so that they shine towards the door and the door will unlock.

The room ahead is filled with spike traps and shooting projectiles. Use cover and sprint in order to make it through the room. At the end will be a pair of Mistwalker Kraken Priests. Fight them off, climb the stairs, grab the Sun Disk, and save. The stairs to the east will lead you to a battle with five waves of enemies. You can avoid them by going the way you came, but you’d be missing out on around 325 XP each for your Champions.


How to Get the Moon Disk

After returning the Sun Disk to the main console, head towards the Cloister of Harmony. Beat all of the enemies and head up the stairs. Whatever you do, do not open the chest at the end of the room. It is a fake and you’ll be attacked by an angry Angler Trickster. In this room, there are runes on the walls that will help you solve the puzzle, but the solution to it is crow, stage, bear, owl.

Continue on to the Cloister of Reflection. Before you grab the Moon Disk, make sure to save and have your party at full health and mana because you will immediately be ambushed by a Naga Storm. To defeat the Naga Storm, avoid the Lightning Strike Hazard Zones which will deal around 500 damage to Champions stuck in it.


The Naga Storm is harder than he looks, so be sure to play defensively and enchant your gear before the fight. After the fight, return the Moon Disk to the main console and a bridge will appear. Be sure to rest at the campfire and select your best team as the boss fight ahead is the toughest yet.

How to Defeat Corrupted Seed

As you place the seed in the planter and begin to cleanse it, a battle with Corrupted Seed will commence. He is an extremely hard boss with over 21,000 health. The best way to prepare for this battle is to have and use Champions that can remove debuffs like Braum’s Porogeddon, Yasuo’s Meditate, or Pyke’s Ghostwater Dive. It is also wise to use Braum’s damage shields and a healing character to keep defense and health high as Corrupted Seed can deal devastating damage that can sometimes wipe out your Champions in one hit.


After you’ve dealt around 4,000 damage, Corrupted Seed will become immune to damage and spawn a Shadow Heart. The Shadow Heart will attack with a Shadow Nova on its turn which will deal close to death blows to your whole party, so take it out before then by using high Crit Rates and your strongest attacks. Once the Shadow Heart is defeated, it will deal 4,000 damage to Corrupted Seed. Repeat this process until you’ve won.

And that is how to complete Drowned Temple in Ruined King. It is full of hard puzzles and even harder bosses. Pat yourself on the back because you just accomplished something really hard. Oh, and save!

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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