Ruined King: Getting the Band Back Together Quest Guide

Here's the guide to complete all parts of the Getting the Band Back Together quest!

by Noah Nelson
Ruined King Getting the Band Back Together Quest Guide

Ruined King is here and with it an exciting new adventure. The Getting the Band Back Together quest serves as getting to know how to play as Miss Fortune in a team dynamic. With a rag-tag group of individuals with their own goals ready to set sail to defeat Gangplank, here is how to complete the Getting the Band Back Together quest in Ruined King.

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A first of its kind, Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is a turn-based RPG set in the world of Runeterra. You don’t need to know anything about League of Legends going into this because the story and the characters, although Champions in the League of Legends MOBA, are all self-contained in the game. For more guides on Ruined King, like how to recruit Pyke or how to catch fish, check in here.


How to Get Isobell in Ruined King

In Getting the Band Back Together, you will need to find Isobell and Graham and ask them to meet you at your ship to set sail. Isobell can be found in Ordinance Storage, so start there. Once inside, after Isobell thinks you are a member of Gangplank’s old gang, you will need to take the plank on the wall and use it to cross the gap. Before leaving, make sure to pocket the plank as you will be able to use it to access treasure chests ahead.

The next room is filled with traps, so make sure you are sprinting. On the north side of the room, use Miss Fortune’s Fortune’s Favor Passive to see the safe path through the traps. Next, you will need to rearrange more planks to get through. Once across, you can use the third plank you held onto to access a treasure chest in this room and the next. After passing a dud trap, talk to Isobell and she will meet you at the ship.


How to Get Graham in Ruined King

Next up is getting Graham. Make your way through the Watchtower District towards the Observation Deck, watching out for invisible assassins. Upon entering, you’ll notice Graham isn’t there. After scanning the room with Miss Fortune’s Passive, you’ll need to head outside and notice the signet on the ground outside of the window. This will lead you to the Jagged Hooks Warehouse.

Now that fast travel is unlocked, head to the Gondola Network and fast travel to the Jagged Hooks Warehouse. Rest up before entering and pick which party members you want to proceed with. There will be many goons to fight, so be warned. Once inside, a sniper will be trained on you. Utilize cover to not get hit by her as it will do significant damage.

Also, if you enter combat with the sniper aimed at you, the Hazard Zone for the fight will be a sniper shot that does 141 damage. To avoid this, stay in cover and start fights by using Miss Fortune’s Double Up Dungeon Ability. Save often and use potions out of combat.


Fight your way through the warehouse avoiding traps until you find a ladder. Climb it to get the treasure, then take it and use it on the broken stairs outside to proceed. After defeating more enemies, you will encounter Corwin who is willing to join your crew. It is up to you to decide to trust, reject, or kill him. If you trust him, he will either grant you more potions or crafting materials at times.

Finally, continuing through, remembering to save often and heal with potions, enter the final room and go the back way. Spin the ship wheel in the center of the room to open your escape, but push through to the south side of the room. There will be a final resting spot before the last boss.

In the final room, you will find a tied-up Graham. You will then fight Jett and his cronies. Be sure to kill Jett first as he has an active Bodyguard buff that reduces 80% of damage done to the Sniper Captainto. Once everybody is dead, Graham will be freed and will meet you at the ship. And with that, you have finished getting the band back together in Ruined King and can now cast off to hunt down Gangplank.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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