Ruined King: Petrified Forest Quest Guide

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to beat the Petrified Forest quest!

by Noah Nelson


The Main Story of Ruined King is filled with great, yet challenging, quests like Petrified Forest. Assuming you’ve used our guides on how to beat the Getting the Band Back Together quest and how to recruit Ahri, you’ll find similar guidance in this quest guide. The Shadow Isles has many windy paths that can lead you astray. Strap in, this is a long one. Here is how to complete the Petrified Forest quest in Ruined King.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is out everywhere. Developed by Riot Forge and Airship Syndicate, this game takes place in Runeterra, but is its own standalone experience. As mentioned before, check in with us to find any and all guides related to Ruined King to help you on your adventure. You’ll find tips and tricks on beating bosses, Champion strategies and builds, and quest help.


How to Complete Petrified Forest: Part 1

After defeating Maokai and getting Ahri in your party, you’ll need to cleanse the darkness blocking Maokai’s powers. First, head towards the Shadow Vaults. You will find a locked door with a pattern next to it, and if you take the stairs to the south, you will find a puzzle. Match the symbol that was next to the door here and the door will unlock.

After you enter, work your way through the Umbra Halls. You will want to primarily use Ahri as her Magical Mind Passive will dispel darkness and energize orbs. You’ll need to energize both of the orbs that are to the north and south of the door. Once that is done, the door will unlock and you can proceed.

You should be in the last room of the Umbra Halls. Here, at the top of the stairs are two treasure chests you can get by mixing shard colors. Mix blue and green to get cyan and mix red and green to get yellow. Once that is done, get an extra blue and red and you’ll be able to open both chests. Continue on towards Covenent’s Cloister.


There will be a room with another light puzzle. Follow the pattern next to the door. Pro tip: spin the middle pole to the right once and then align the other poles. That will unlock the door for you to proceed. There will also be another pattern with a puzzle that you can do to unlock the door keeping you from a treasure chest.


How to Complete Petrified Forest: Part 2

After a cutscene with Gangplank, Thresh, and the Ruined King himself, make your way down the stairs. Fight and dispel the darkness on both ends of the room to create the bridge. Make sure that you are saving and using potions as you fight through this area. As you press forward, dispel the darkness while avoiding the Shadow Imps that will charge you.

After avoiding some magic missile traps and stone guardians, turn south towards Path of Dusk. As always, use the rest point because the next room will be a boss battle. Once you approach the door, Ahri will open it.


How to Defeat Corrupted Shadow

As you enter the final room, you will see a pool of darkness. In order to cleanse it, you will need to defeat the Corrupted Shadow. Things to note: he is immune to stuns and he summons Shadow Tendrils, basically a shadow version of Illaoi’s tentacles, every other turn and when he uses his Rend Shadow attack. You will want to use Ahri’s healing abilities to keep your tank full health throughout the battle.

Corrupted Shadow will eventually cast Cloud of Shadow which is a Hazard Zone that jumps from strong, balanced, and speed lanes. If you end your action there, he will deal light damage (around 150) and summon a Shadow Tendril. With your tank taking hits, Ahri healing and dealing damage, and a DPS Champion focusing all of their fire on Corrupted Shadow, you’ll win the battle.

Once the battle is won, you will have cleansed the roots affecting Maokai. Return to him by using the Teleporter Network to fast travel back to The Grove. Once you talk to him, you’ll have finished the Petrified Forest quest and head out for the next one.

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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