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Serious Sam 4: How to Unlock S.A.M. Skill Points

Sam's got some serious skills.

by Brandon Adams


New to Serious Sam 4 are skill points that will unlock new abilities and perks within the S.A.M. talent tree. These range from dual-wielding to riding a werebull like a rodeo cowboy. There isn’t an RPG leveling system attached to this mechanic; you’ll have to find skill points tucked away within the numerous levels if you wish to grow in power.

Serious Sam 4 skill points are located within levels after Chapter 1.

Skill points in Serious Sam 4 are physical objects you’ll need to hunt down, but they are well worth the effort. Being able to dual-wield alone dramatically alters your ability to handle Mental’s onslaught, so you’ll want to make finding them a priority. S.A.M. skill points are purple alien orbs that Sam crushes then inhales, and you’ll be immediately taken to the S.A.M. menu to allocate your new skill point.

These orbs are found within brown military crates hidden throughout the various levels of Serious Sam 4, highlighted in blue when you approach them. There are a few on the beaten path to ensure you keep up with the game’s ever increasing difficulty, but if you want to reach the best skills in the game you’ll need to poke your nose into every side path and area. Well, except the wide-open zone in Chapter 9: A Breakfast in France. Stick to the roads, because there’re plenty of empty fields and woods containing nothing in this level.

A quick additional note: if you start a level individually you’ll start off with all the skill points available up to that point. Great if you can’t find any and want to play around within the S.A.M. tree, but you won’t have any of the gadgets or weapon attachments from the previous levels. Also, it’ll be a divorced score from your continuous save, so if that matters to you then you’ll want to stick with one campaign.

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